ZTGD | The Last of Us (PS3) Review

Ken McKown writes: Naughty Dog has carved out a nice place for themselves in the grand scheme of gaming. Their titles always set the bar for cinematic storytelling in whatever facet they dip into. The Last of Us continues that trend by taking the dramatic, post-apocalyptic scenario and focusing on the relationships between characters. The human element of survival and how people react and treat each other in this type of world is really what draws players in. The Last of Us may have zombie-like enemies, but this is not the typical zombie-style experience.

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1684d ago
sonyboy471684d ago

Its beacause of Tom Dick,who gave it 6/10
But now the avarage score is 95.3(3),so if it gets around 3-5 perfect scores it will be 96 again

ltachiUchiha1684d ago

Anyone who takes this guys reviews serious is as delusional as that crap of a site. How in the hell did this troll site make it on meta? This guy thinks blackops 2 is better then bioshock infinite & the last of us haha. GTFO with your lousy opinion looking for hits.

sonyboy471684d ago

You dont understand,bioshock and thelastofus are a piece of crap.STARWARS Pinball is a mustprice 10 out of 10 OMG i'm wet!! (c)Tom Dick
How this piece of garbage anyone takes serious?

ZodTheRipper1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

They gave Journey a 4 and Assasins Creed 3 a 10?!
Hasn't metacritic any form of rating critics to sort such idiots out?
I mean just look at those scores

FrustratedFury1684d ago

Who cares what the Metacritic score is? Just play the game.

CGI-Quality1684d ago

Some people are interested in the Meta. If you aren't, that's fine.

Riderz13371684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Metacritic scores are used for bragging rights =P. Especially when it comes to exclusive titles.

Riderz13371684d ago

I'm 3 hours in and this game is EPIC. I love the scarcity of resources and having to use actual tactics to kill/sneak by enemies. Can't wait to try out the multiplayer!

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