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Microsoft's Xbox One misadventure: is there a reverse gear?

The tech giant's flawed strategy in areas such as sharing games has been highlighted at E3 – and poses real risks for the future (E3, Xbox One)

shivvy24  +   808d ago
the xbox one actually had some cool exclusives , its a solid product but the DRM and used/sharing restrictions kills it ! just remove these features and its all good !
Donnieboi  +   808d ago
No it's still not all good. Even if they dumped the drm, anti-used games, etc. I still wouldn't trust them. I'll never trust a company that would even attempt to commit the evil things M$ tries to do with xbone.

The money we give them today, is they same money they'll use to implement DRM, anti-used games, and paying of 3rd parties for frivolous dlc exclusives (instead of spending it making 1st party exclusives) in a FUTURE xbox.

Don't be fooled by the exclusives on xbone. Many of which were payed-off last second by M$ to be exclusive. At the end of the day, their lack of major HOMEGROWN 1st party HARDCORE games (not stuff like "project spark", which looked staged and pre-rendered). Combine that with their emphasis on tv shows, and we see that M$ has no interest in gamers.
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denawayne  +   808d ago
So...I take it you're not buying an Xbox One?
Mikelarry  +   808d ago
apparently not. they say they expected the backlash and will not change their stance and if you don't have online well we have product for you its called a 360. the arrogance it that comment alone
RandomDude655  +   808d ago
nope, its getting worse

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DeathofSouls  +   808d ago
This is so bogus, I spent 6 years as an active duty soldier, I had high speed internet 5 of those years. It does rule them out when their deployed or overseas, and this does completely and totally suck. When I was in Egypt for a year, that's when I got back into gaming....I had nothing better to do than to play my Xbox.

Still, the quote is false.
Mikelarry  +   808d ago
death do you mean my quote? because i got video proof


NameRemoved0017  +   808d ago
It is not false the xbox one is region locked and won't work in most countries anyway even if you had a 1 gigabit internet connection.
tiffac008  +   808d ago
Sorry bro, as it stands we will be unable to play the Xbox One outside of the specified 21 countries, even if you have the correct regioned games for it. This maybe because of the internet activation for the games and the 24 hr check in. Its not going to be like the 360.

I expect MS to clarify this guideline in the future.
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MrMister  +   806d ago
Just get a ps4. The new xbox isnt even backwards compatable so theres no reason to get all hung-up on a particular name brand. The xbox has very little in common with the 360.
Bathyj  +   808d ago
Maybe, but if you just throw it straight into reverse while going full speed the other way you blow your gearbox
johnsonbat  +   808d ago
They need a Delorean to go back and start again.
KarrBOMB  +   808d ago
Too late MS. I'm done for sure. I'm already working on converting any of my friends to a Sony only platform. I have a 360 and PS3 now, with the 360 taking most of the time. But regardless of the DRM and restrictions, there's still the ridiculous Kinect camera and Mic which is forced. Forced 24hr check-in which automatically rules out a decent number of gamers. MS' sole focus on the casual market has turned me away forever. The arrogance they exude will destroy them in this arena.
SilentGuard  +   808d ago
If MS wants to make the push towards an all digital future, than they need to do it smart. Simply, make digital distribution attractive through earlier releases, lower prices, and cloud game sharing. Implementing a complicated and restrictive DRM system to keep physical discs relevant and allow publishers to get in on the used games market is pointless if an all digital future is coming anyway. It does nothing but alienate the consumer. The fact that digital doesn't have any of the costs of manufacture, packaging, and shiping will allow publishers to make more. If digital distribution became primary, the other restrictive aspects of the console, such as mandatory online connections, also become unneccesary.
DigitalRaptor  +   808d ago
There is no going back from the attitude of "you serve us, not the other way around".

That is not a winning attitude. It's not any kind of supportive attitude either, and the damage has been done. They've actually designed their console from the offset to include these restrictions, so no, there is no reversal gear.

Might as well call it the Parolebox.
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