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TheEvilWithin1617d ago

Hmm... none of the review people had this problem??? Wonder if its just a fluke will see when I play my copy later tonight...

Why o why1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Damn, silly goof there sure they'll get a patch out swiftly. Luckily I cant get to play mine yet..

Septic1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Actually, its not that bad. Realistically, if you're going to end a gaming session, you just manually save the game anyway. Well, that's what I've been doing.

The auto-save function has been working for me but I don't see why anyone would not save the game before they quit. In fact, the way the game is designed, I found that the natural way to go about saving it just press start and save before you quit to the main menu or shut down the PS3; which is precisely what the game allows you to do.

Anyway, I hope people don't lose their saves. I would hate that to happen to me. The game is brilliant but some bits scared the living feces out of me and I just managed to make it through (playing on Hard here) by running for an exit like a little girl. Bloody clickers.

Jdoki1617d ago

That's not true Septic.

If the auto save bug kicks in it does not allow you to do a manual save. The line 'auto saving please wait' shows next to Save Game, Load Game and Reset encounter options, and they cannot be selected.

I lost about an hours worth of game time because of this bug.

I am now manually saving every 30mins or after significant battles / cut scenes.

If when going in to the menu it shows 'auto saving please wait' , and that doesn't clear after a few seconds the bug has kicked in. Best thing is to immediately quit the game and restart it and keep fingers crossed the last auto save was not too long before.

Hopefully ND patch this soon, but its pretty sloppy that it got through QA.

Septic1617d ago


Ah damn man, my bad. I didn't know that. I think I've almost finished the game so I'll be keeping an eye for the auto-saving, please wait prompt.

seanpitt231617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Yep just played 4 hours this morning loving it and I went to save it just in case the auto save didn't work and it wouldn't let me so I had no choice to turn it off because I wanted to cool my ps3 down. Anyway went back to the game and it didn't save at all for the 4 hours I was playing yes iam pissed off iam just happy it's that awesome of a game so Iam happy to do it all again but be carefull guys its really frustrating.

StanSmith1617d ago

Neogaf users have found that signing out of PSN before starting the game will stop the autosave bug.

Have tried it myself and can confirm it works.

Blackpool1617d ago

Always good to wait a week or 2 after a game comes out because this stuff happens often.

thechosenone1617d ago

they've already fixed the problem so no worries.

limewax1617d ago

This bug actually cost me 6 hours of progress earlier. Longest gaming stint I've had in a while too.

Annoying bug but I'm not going to let it ruin the fun for me. I've been having a blast so far anyway and looking forward to seeing how differently some of these encounters play out next time round

brodychet1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Happened to me, lost my 4 hours of gameplay and had to restart it from the prologue. It's alright though, great game to see twice.

OH, guys there is no patch needed, it was the servers that had an error. So all you needed to do was refresh your game. Mine messed up, and now it works. Trust me!

Nicolee1617d ago

i only lost 1 hour and found out online about this glitch.

mantisimo1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

It's not been fixed yet over on the ND forums people are saying its still happening even after the twitter post.

dont know about the turn on and off of psn before play?

one of the Devs is active(ish) in the thread, but they are working on it as we speak.

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stage881617d ago

**** this just happened to me. I lost 2 hours. Not sure whether to start again or wait for the patch.

isa_scout1617d ago

I'd wait for the patch. It'd be kinda distracting to have to pause the game every 20 minutes just to see if it "F"ed up or not. I lost about 3 hours or so of progress this morning, and I was pissed.Hopefully ND fixes this today because I can't see playing the SP until it is fixed. It breaks the immersion to be forced to pause your game to see if it is frozen.

Virus2011617d ago

I lost like 4 hours worth of singleplayer. I had a feeling something was up because when I would pause the game it would say Autosaving...

stage881617d ago

It wasn't too bad making up the time. I just went back to the game and managed to get up to the same stage again within one hour.

I feel sorry for all those 4+ hours in though.

Philoctetes1617d ago

This really pisses me off. My copy is out for delivery and will be waiting for me when I get home. I rarely preorder mainly-SP games anymore because you can't trust professional reviews and so many games ship with major bugs and glitches, but I figured I'd be safe this time with Naughty Dog.

Guess I was wrong. Very disappointing.

RobAlmighty1617d ago

You should just throw it in the trash with that attitude.

It is already fixed.

Philoctetes1617d ago

@RobAlmighty -- Yes, I know. I posted before it was fixed.

And no, I won't be throwing it in the trash. :)

ExitToExisT1617d ago


I deleted the patch and started playing and the autosave works right now.

Also i just run and i can progress the game without any combat. It is really interesting. (Doing this to go back to the lost save as fast as possible)

JaredH1617d ago

Naughty Dog just fixed it according to their twitter.

Eyeco1617d ago

I wouldn't know anyway THE GAME HAS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE, damn i should have pre-ordered

Bobby Kotex1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

On my lunch break I went to gamestop and they had about 100 in a drawer.

Eyeco1617d ago

I live in London, and I've just managed to snag the last copy at some independent game store , when I went to buy Uncharted 2 day 1 there was an abundance of copies everywhere, it was completely pointless for me to have pre-ordered the game, I thought the same with TLOU and it's proven me wrong.

trenso11617d ago

happened to me luckly i noticed before i did at alot of progress

asmith23061617d ago

I lost around three hours due to this. It's definitely in there, the day one patch didn't fix it.

MizTv1617d ago

I lost almost 5 hours of play time
It keep saying autosaving
Had to start over again

Crazyglues1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Someone update this story the problem has been fixed Naughty Dog reported that on there Facebook...

||.........___||............ ||

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FoxHound_1617d ago

From what I've been reading on TLoU forums it's been happening to people who:
A) Are from Europe.
B) Have subtitles activated.

I'm picking up the game in an hour so I can't comment yet but these two things may be a contributor.

stage881617d ago

I'm from the UK, have no subtitles and still got screwed.

Jdoki1617d ago

Same here. Bug hit me after about an hour of game time, and I lost about an hour.

FoxHound_1617d ago

Forget my comment because it happened to me as well. Live Ontario Canada didn't have subtitles on either.

Prophet1121617d ago

Has this bug happened to anybody that wasn't signed into PSN?

GentlemenRUs1617d ago

Just got hit by this, Lost around 1-2 hours due to it :(
From UK.

Autosaving, Please wait...
Autosaving, Please wait...

Autosaving, Please wait...
Autosaving, Please wait...

That's all I see in the menu, No way to manually save whatsoever... Sadly the game is unplayable till this silly glitch is fixed.

funny though, Autosave must have caught the virus XD

Hadoukameha1617d ago

This is why I like optional manual saves. Want something done right, gotta do it yourself.

TheEvilWithin1617d ago

I missed that with Bioshock infinite. I wonder why they took that out??? I'm just going to back up my save just to make sure.

GentlemenRUs1617d ago

But this bug hits me as soon as I get into the game :(

Also, There is no way to turn off the Autosave.

Kiddcarter1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

The game has a manual save option

edit: I take that back, the manual save is actually just the autosave

iistuii1617d ago

Yeah mine did that just as I met Henry. Also I've not go any trophies yet, dunno if I've earned an yet, but I've been playing for over 6 hours without any.

icewater851617d ago

On Podcast Beyond they said you wouldn't get that many trophies on the first play through.

Kiddcarter1617d ago

Trophy are hard to come by in this game, for instance there aren't trophies for just progressing thru the story, as icewater said podcast beyond and other web sites have said you wont collect many trophies on your first play through

omi25p1617d ago

Just do what i did, Finish the game in one sitting. Never had to save.

Septic1617d ago

Wait what? You can't manually save?? That friggin sucks! Has this been happening to you from the start of the game or did it just start happening?

GentlemenRUs1617d ago

Good news!

ND are aware and they are currently trying to get this fixed ASAP!

monkey6021617d ago

They would want to be aware ha this hasn't been a very secluded problem. At least I'm enjoying the multiplayer

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monkey6021617d ago

Just lost 3 hours progress. Raging!

sway_z1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Thanks for the heads up...I'm based in the UK, and my copy arrived this morning 8.30am.

Unfortunately, I am at work as I type this (looks left & right for the boss lol), so will have to wait 'til I am free from my pay masters.

But, I'm gonna be turning off my cell phone and home no. for some completely uninterrupted Last of Us as soon as I get home.



There is a temp fix, just hit the start button every 15-25 mins or so, and it will autosave at menu. Sucks, but until there's a patch, it's the best option.