Xbox LIVE Activity for the Week of 3/17

Top Game, arcade, and Original Xbox Live titles over Xbox LIVE for the week of 3/17.

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Capt CHAOS3765d ago

I just switched back over to Halo3 a couple of weeks ago, I wonder if others will follow?

Shaka2K63765d ago

In every single way.
even the most hardcore of xbox fans know this, noone can deny that.

Jinxstar3764d ago

Meh. Its all in what you like. COD has no vehicles, Halo has no airstrikes.... I prefer COD cause I really like the perk system they have and such... But if Capt prefers Halo I can't argue that. His choice Shaka.

FlyWestbrook3765d ago

Hmm, Call of Duty 4 still at the top? Despite new Halo 3 Map Pack?!

Nameless3765d ago

That was not a new map pack. Just the old one for free. Therefore I would think most Halo players already paid for the map pack when it first came out

Jon Cage3765d ago

I think the fact that Halo 3 and COD 4 are back and forth prove that already. BTW COD 4 > Halo 3

wicked3765d ago

Are there any PSN live figures?

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