Fan-Petiton: The Division, for Wii U

Well that didn’t take long did it. Hot on the heels on what many would call a depressing showing regarding the Wii U’s third party support. Nintendo fan DDanielWW has taken it upon himself to create a petiton to get The Division on the Wii U.

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majiebeast1802d ago

Dont want to be a dick but have Nintendo fans seen the graphics in this game. That just isnt possible on WiiU.

sknygy1802d ago

I would like to refer you to the game X by Monolithsoft.

Baka-akaB1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I love X , but how the hell does it look even remotely close to the division graphically wise ?

You guys are dreaming imo . Dont forget to factor in tons of online dynamic features and content to

shivvy241802d ago

doesnt ubisoft use a scalable engine, look at AC4 and WatchDogs ! i reckon it could be possible !

sknygy1802d ago

I don't mean the games look like each other, I'm just pointing out that the Wii U is clearly more than capable with regards to handling The Division.

Baka-akaB1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

And does AC4 and watchdogs look even close to that ? nope .

Well good luck to the petition nonetheless


I dont even see how it's a relevant comparison . not online in terms of looks and content .
The world is big and open but doesnt seem like an online world with the same features and scale

snipab8t1802d ago

Yeah it looks like mid-cycle xbox 360 /playstation 3 game.

SpideySpeakz1802d ago

X is not even on the same scale as The Division graphically. And not just graphics, the AI is vastly superior in The Division. Wii U can't handle that kind of processing power. Just get a next-gen console, or a PC.

Studio-YaMi1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

You're delusional if you think X by Monolithsoft can even be considered to relate to The Division,the Division is on another scale of gameplay calculations and Graphics processing,the Wii U can't and will not handle it no matter how badly you want it to.

Watch Dogs looks a LOT better visually on the PC/PS4/Xbox1,the Wii U game is going to be compared to the PS3/Xbox360 version of the game.

IF one day The Division comes to the Wii U,be sure that it will sacrifice a LOT to be able to run on the Wii U.

Otherwise you're just kidding yourself,I love the Wii U,I love Nintendo exclusives,but rational thinking needs to be in work here because you're obviously not using it!

Menashe1802d ago

X looks better than The Division in my opinion. :P

But I guess that's partially a product of its graphical style. It's a nice blend of technology meets style.

LOL_WUT1802d ago

The Wii U just can't handle a game like The Division plain and simple. ;)

_QQ_1802d ago

X will be a better game, just not graphicaly.

Baka-akaB1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I vastly prefer X over the division . But it's based on the genre and artsyle . But raw graphical , physics and AI power wise , there is no contest , Division is vastly uperior

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ziratul1802d ago

Wii U is capable - maybe a bit stronger than xbox360. Hard to develop for cause hardware is really new.

solidt121802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

They could easily make a lower res version with graphics set to medium or so. The Wii U could use all the help it can get, But I am getting the PS4 version. I really do feel bad for Nintendo. They gets hardly any third party love these days.

_QQ_1802d ago

Engines now days are flexible enough to the point where this would be possible, I personally will only be getting this game if it comes out on PC because i'm not getting a next gen console(PS4) untill MGSV or FF15 hit the shelves.

pokynrocky1802d ago

Yeh it looks the same as watch dog

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Syclonus1802d ago

there should be a petition for titanfall on ps4 :/

Menashe1802d ago

I'm sure Microsoft's money to keep it console-exclusive speaks louder to the developers than fan's petitions.

Studio-YaMi1802d ago

"as reported by CVG, EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau stated that the decision to go exclusive with Microsoft on Titanfall was not indicative of a general trend with the company. He stated that the company will go wherever its audience takes it."

Deep-throat1802d ago ShowReplies(1)
Rask1802d ago

An PC version would be better.

gazgriff2k121802d ago

would be a pile of crap on xbox 360, ps3 or wii u stop dreaming or buy a ps4 or pc

cpayne931802d ago

A game doesn't go from being amazing to a pile of crap just because of a graphics downgrade. If it looked like a current gen game, it would still be an awesome game.

Studio-YaMi1802d ago

Yes it won't lose the fun factor but it will lose the "appeal" factor which has been really important since last gen and "forever" with PC gaming.

gazgriff2k121802d ago

im not talking about graphics. its a massive open world game with no load times

_QQ_1802d ago

You are the kind of gamer who only cares about graphics,like a dumb animal hypnotized by a shiny object.If the developers wanted to port the game to wiiu they could, the engines are flexible enough, the problem is the install base just isn't there yet.

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