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Submitted by Walker 967d ago | news

E3 2013: PS4 Outpacing Xbox One Pre-Orders

Early data suggests Sony’s E3 conference made a stronger impact on consumers than Microsoft. (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

AsimLeonheart  +   967d ago
And Xbone fans were celebrating the initial reports of Xbone preorders being greater than PS4. Once both the consoles and their prices were revealed everyone flocked towards PS4.

4>1. FACT
alb1899  +   967d ago
They both are good with your opinion here what i see is that what make a difference is the price and the used game dilemma but what i saw on E3 was a really strong performance by Xbox.

I hope Xbox change their approach toward used games so we can have an even competition.
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The_Con-Sept  +   967d ago
At my gamestop the PS4 pre orders were full... Best buy and Microcenter were the same.... Had to slip the gamestop dude 20 bux to get a PS4 pre order on the shady side of town to get mine in. When I looked at his little sheet if paper it had four rows of several boxes with x's in them. The other row only had about 8 filled out.
abzdine  +   967d ago
Xbox one needs to die as soon as possible! This 100% anti-consumer product that doesn't even work in all areas of the world because you need a goddam check-in before the game starts has nothing to do on the market. Let's just get rid of it and fast!
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johnniejay  +   967d ago
They would have to change the price as well
Blachek  +   967d ago
I think they have relinquished about as much as they will.

They will need to spend money however marketing, getting more exclusives, and finding ways to get people interested in what their product offers.

They aren't going anywhere.
Akuma2K  +   967d ago
Don't count on Microsoft changing anything anytime soon, my guess is by the time they do it'll be to late and the gap between them and PS4 will be so far ahead it would take a delorean time machine to help them catch up.
Honest_gamer  +   967d ago
And Xbone fans were celebrating the initial reports of Xbone preorders being greater than PS4 when you couldn't even pre order the ps4* fixed it :) (or atleast you couldnt in the tayside/angus area of Scotland, amazon, block busters, game)
JoGam  +   967d ago
Congrats Sony. Sony is making all the right decisions this time around. As a PS fan, its amazing to see how the tables have turned. PS3 released at a higher price point but this time around MS does the same. Crazy outcome.
Anywho.... Got my Launch PS4 from Amazon.
Azuske  +   967d ago
That didn't make a difference to me. I was just waiting for something to catch my eye and soon as they showed Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV (even though they aren't exclusives) I pre-ordered on Amazon before the conference was even over. If the Xbox One fixes the BS about checkins and used games then I'll consider buying one once the price drops.
Moonman  +   967d ago
Sweet justice! ;p
Mikelarry  +   967d ago
i am sure i have seen another article that resembles this, the only difference is the image used for the articles of kaz laughing on the ms preorders
SatanSki  +   967d ago
Although usually im all for balance this time i hope MS console will be complete fiasco. They crossed the line.
kneon  +   967d ago
It wouldn't be good if Sony were to have no meaningful competition, on the other hand it would be bad for everyone if the xb1 were really successful.
badz149  +   967d ago
aren't you ignoring the Wii U altogether?
there's always Nintendo around to provide competition
kneon  +   967d ago
Yes I am ignoring them. If you're going to buy a multi-platform game and you have the choice between PS4 and Wii U most people will choose PS4. The only advantage the Wii U has is that their online is still free.

When you talk about exclusives then they are just so totally different that for the most part they aren't really competing with each other.
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badz149  +   966d ago
the Wii U is not only good for exclusives because there are many upcoming multiplats are skipping the Wii U altogether
aiBreeze  +   967d ago
Wasn't just them crossing the line though, it was the arrogant way in which they done it.
Hellsvacancy  +   967d ago
MS will drop this DRM, I bet theyre working on in right this very minute, I hope they do, nobody should have this forced upon them
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ElementX  +   967d ago
You can almost bet on it. They're in the boardrooms as we speak. Everybody is bringing up the fact that MS hasn't announced anything yet however E3 was just days ago. As I stated in another post, they need to have staff and board meetings before they announce anything. They are going to want to choose their words carefully. As for installation and always on, 360 was disc only until the firmware update which allowed you to install games onto the HDD. I'm sure they can do the same to allow for game play off Bluray discs. I also noticed that while the final PS4 specs were given at E3, MS didn't give out the final One specs.
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kneon  +   967d ago
If they were to drop it would mean doing away with many aspects of the console, such as full installs with no need for a disk to play a game, the 10 person game sharing etc. These are good features, it's just that you have to give up too much to get them.
airgangstarr  +   967d ago
if they drop kinect mandatory an 24 hr check im in an will own both ten person game share who cares it probably wont be available at launch an until god knows when .. yea there was cool features but drop the 24 hr check in an were fine an make it so i canm unplug the kinect if u need the kinect to turn it on fine then i should be able to unplug it if not there screwed that shits not comin in my house
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ElementX  +   967d ago
Launch day ps4's are the only console sold out on amazon.

And not the after launch ps4's are out selling launch day xbox's!

I knew M$ was dumb but really...

According to amazon soon the last of us > xbox one.


Seems sony is capturing america's interest more than xbox. I explained to all my friends what DRM is and now they want ps4.

If xbox is get beaten in xbox land then I am sure they are getting destroyed world wide.

and japan?? lol game over for xbox.


I agree some are weak minded..
have fun man..
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ElementX  +   967d ago
DRM won't stop somebody like me from buying both consoles to play exclusives

*EDIT* I was able to grab a launch version of the PS4. They went quickly
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airgangstarr  +   967d ago
there is no worldwide for xbox they only work in 21 countrys usa usa usa usa usa canada usa usa usa usa uk usa usa usa usa usa usa usa usa thats were it works
kneon  +   967d ago
Wow! 11 of the top 20 items are all playstation. It's a bloodbath for Microsoft right now.
southernbanana  +   967d ago
I pre-ordered the PS4 first because I have the money for it now. I plan on having the Xbox one on launch day as well. People need to quit letting the gaming media blow this out of proportion. You can still trade your games at a licensed dealer. Because of the cloud you can play all of your games from another console as long as you are signed in to your account. There are many more neat things that more than make up for the always online requirement. Here is the link if you want to check it out!
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Saksoy  +   967d ago
This is going to be a one long summer...
Mikelarry  +   967d ago
lol this console war reminds me of the blu ray vs the hd dvd. hey i was on the side of the hd dvd when clearly blu offered more and more people were supporting the format
johnniejay  +   967d ago
And that came down to sony vs Microsoft
lucaskeller1  +   967d ago
airgangstarr  +   967d ago
there gonna have to learn the hard way microsoft this next gen my advice make another console without the kinect an restrcitions an u guys will be able to compete but athis point no one will trust u anymore u allready bite the hand that feeds u if u were a pitbull u woulda allready been put down ms is probably hopin by laun ch no one will care anymore an we wont be still in a uproar abouth this there dead wrong
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TheFallenAngel  +   967d ago
PS4 day one! I haven't per order my ps4 but I will soon.
first1NFANTRY  +   967d ago
In other news The Last Of Us is out and the game is set to destroy the competition.

Has M$ abandoned the 360 yet again? where are the exclusives? when was the last time a 360 exclusive was released?
DarthJay  +   967d ago
Middle of March, aka, less than three months ago.
Drekken  +   967d ago
GeOW:Judgement, aka, money grabs. 79 on metacritic and a 54 with fans. Congrats... its only on the 360.

Sony is pumping quality games out on the PS3 still. MS, not at all.
DarthJay  +   967d ago
@Drekken - the question was when was the last time an exclusive was released.

PS - I got the Post Pandemic Edition last night. So um... yeah.
Drekken  +   967d ago
DarthJay - "PS - I got the Post Pandemic Edition last night. So um... yeah. "

I'm sorry.
TheEvilWithin  +   967d ago
They can't drop the DRM. Its KEY FEATURES in the xbox one. As much as everyone would love that they would drop it its just not going to happen/can't happen. This is something they can't just back peddle out of. Way I see it they have laid there own grave and now they just need lay the system to rest and back out of console making all together. I won't be surprised if we see an article stating Microsoft have decided to close down the Xbox division. Xbox fans can complain and say that wont happen but lets be real here they spent over 1 BILLION DOLLERS on games and are not going to really see ANY of that money back. The PS4 is just about sold out EVERYWHERE and the news just came out 4 days ago!?!?
ElementX  +   967d ago
They can drop it. it's not as though it's hardware implemented.
Drekken  +   967d ago
I don't think it is as easy as you are making it out to be.

MS PR Response: "We have not included DRM in the 360, buy one of them"
TheEvilWithin  +   967d ago
As far as I know I think it is hardware related. You HAVE TO download your games to the system for it to register then there online servers ping your Xbox to confirm the game is legit and not a fake hence the whole 24 hour log in garbage. I don't think some sort of firmware update could just wipe that away. The system was BUILT around these features not the other way around. But you will try to argue you it out with me so for the sake of it I don't really care anymore. I'm getting my TRUE next gen system without the LEGAL CONTRACT signing of the xbox one.
Sanquine90  +   967d ago
I dont want to be a fanboy but playstation 4 just sounds more consumer friendly, nonetheless i will buy a xbox one at some time. But first i pre order my ps4 :)

I hope for the xbox guys that microsoft changes policy. Sharing your games with friends is the best way to try out a game:)A friend of mine is totaly anti RPG but after he borrowed Ni no kuni he bought it :D
southernbanana  +   967d ago
Why do people keep acting as if Microsoft is enforcing the DRM. It has been stated several times it would be up to the publishers. Even though I pre-ordered the PS4 I plan getting the Xbox One soon after launch and according to the terms described in the link below it doesn't seem that bad at all. After reading this clarification I can see why always online would be important. Also, about that DRM policy, who is able to trade a single copy of their disk based software more than once? I would like to find that person because we could make a lot of money together. Seriously you can trade your game to a licensed dealer such as gamestop. You can do this once so I don't see what all the anger is about. I suggest people take a look at the terms described in this link:

I keep reading people say they are gamers. It's a shame they will be missing out on some great games by not purchasing all of the consoles......
sarcastoid  +   967d ago
"Why do people keep acting as if Microsoft is enforcing the DRM."

They ARE enforcing it through their very own console. 24 hour check-ins--what do you call that? A game only being able to be sold once--what do you call that? That's not the publishers doing, obviously.
southernbanana  +   967d ago
Um. Who sells the same copy of a single game twice? Your logic is a little off there..I will own both right out of the gate so I guess the difference is there.... Sorry you will be missing out.
Not trying to change your opinion, you have the right to that, but if people would look at the explanation in the link I posted above they would see there is good reason, from Microsoft's end, for the 24 hour check in. It is obvious the cloud is a major part of the console. There are some really neat features with sharing games and playing your games on a different console. Without checks to stop piracy those features simply would not exist. I'm not going to waste any more time, but if you love games, I certainly wouldn't want to miss out on any great ones. I suggest people try to buy both. I really enjoyed this generation because I didn't miss out....
Muerte2494  +   967d ago
No, your understanding of what he said is off. He meant after the initial purchase, Microsoft dictates who you can sell your game to(Gamestop, Best Buy).

*Friends too, but they have to have been on your friend's list for at least a month
* ^ This feature will not be available at launch
and once you "gift" it to your friend, you cannot get the game back.

" There are some really neat features with sharing games and playing your games on a different console."

You can already do that now, and it doesn't require the internet. Simply take you game to a friend's house, pop in their console, and voila. Microsoft is complicating something that didn't need to be complicated.

"Without checks to stop piracy those features simply would not exist."

(Sigh) It has already been proven that people who pirate games never had any intention of paying for it in the first place. DRM only really punishes people who actually purchase the game, not the other way around. You can see evidence of this on PC right now. People who buy the game legally have to ping servers before they can play. Pirated or cracked versions of the same game are not bound by such restrictions.

"I certainly wouldn't want to miss out on any great ones. I suggest people try to buy both."

If PS4 install base outpaces Xbox One, which is almost certain, then developers won't be able to ignore it. Sony already have two Game of Year games Uncharted 2(VGA) and Journey (GDC 2013). Last of Us might make it 3. Indies are behind the ps4 like you wouldn't believe. F2P models are there also. Only way you'd be missing out is if you really love Forza or Halo. Bungie's Destiny enough to make me forget about Halo, and Polyphony Digital (Yea, that's all that needs to be said is the name).
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Drekken  +   967d ago
Ignorant consumers are the reason MS gets away with so much. You guys don't pay attention and give them a free pass on everything.
cedaridge  +   967d ago
Microsoft is basically sayin "if you don't have internet O well stick with xb360." Now I thought we were moving into next gen? So if we are why do I have to be connected to internet? You may have money to get both ps4 and xb1 BUT there is still folks out there who don't have internet. And if you so prefer Xbox one over ps4, how in the hell are you going to enjoy all those wonderful Microsoft games without INTERNET? See it's not the fact that nobody can't get both system's, it just that those "suit's & ties for Microsoft have made a lot of money from folks such as you and I and NOW they have forgot what it means to be "HUMBLE." O Sony was like that too before gamers humble them." And Microsoft is about to learn their lesson as well. Games should be fun for everyone online or offline, PERIOD!
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southernbanana  +   967d ago
I am not going to try and change your opinion, it really isn't worth people getting upset over. Obviously Microsoft believes in the cloud so much they designed the console to rely on internet connection. People without internet are a very small minority at this point. I live in a rural area and the only people I know without high speed internet simply aren't taking advantage of the options available. The way Microsoft has set up their licensing for Xbox one is in line with the rest of the tech industry. People in the console gaming space are the only ones upset. It is new, and it could very well kill the Xbox, but it is the future whether we like it or not....
southernbanana  +   967d ago
Like how you twisted everything to try and support your opinion. Twist all you want, but you people who are loyal to one company are tools. I could care less if either the PS4 or Xbox One sell terribly or not. Both will have excusive games I am interested in and that is why I pre-ordered a PS4 and will be picking up the Xbox One as well. I call myself a gamer because I like games and could care less what system they are on or how popular they are.
#15.4 (Edited 967d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Drekken  +   967d ago
CouldN'T care less... geez, if you are going to keep saying it - GET IT RIGHT!!

Having said that: I really think Microsoft is touting cloud on the hopes that people don't know what it is... And it is obvious. They are right. The "cloud" is just servers set up that hosts your files. I don't know what the hell Forbes is thinking saying the XBone can pull off 4k game resolution because of cloud, but that is just ignorance at it's worst. The Xbox One is weaker than the Ps4 and it will NEVER do 4k. It can barely do 1080P@ 60FPS. Look at Forza... 720P. GG on your spyware console upgrade, MS.
lukeb4dunk  +   966d ago
It's not just about who does or does not have decent internet access in their area. For example, let's say someone gets laid off, lose hours from work or loses his/her job period (which is something that happens far too often these days) and has to cut costs. Internet is one of the first things they may decide to cut to make ends meet. In this case, they would not be aloud to play something that they paid 500 bucks for.

What about military personnel? What if they get deployed to a non-X1 friendly region? Also, I don't know many commanders that would be happy with the idea of an always on camera/microphone.

Just a couple examples from the top of my head.
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DarthJay  +   967d ago
The longer this continues, the longer the memes continue, the longer the loud Playstation fans continue to taunt Microsoft on every form of social media, but more importantly, the longer THIS continues, the more likely it becomes Microsoft wakes the F up and realizes they have a real problem. There is still plenty of time for that to happen. I'm not quite sure Sony fans really understand how much of a favor they are doing people that are only buying the Xbox One by continuing to laugh and point and poke the bear. If they dropped the DRM check in, the mandatory Kinect connect and maybe started becoming more transparent, there really wouldn't be much of a difference between the two.

With that said, I think Microsoft is pretty content mashing those square pegs in round holes and telling people that's the way it is supposed to work, so maybe it doesn't even matter...
OrionNoctis  +   967d ago
No one wants to pay more for less , less rights less hardware...
ironmonkey  +   967d ago
This could play out the same fate like their first xbox.
#18 (Edited 967d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PositiveEmotions  +   967d ago
Yes we know ign it has been said one to many times!!!
cedaridge  +   967d ago
Nice try at being funny. I know Halo and Gears are Microsoft's baby's asshole. That not my point. If most folks is lookin toward the PS4 than wouldn't YOU think 343 or epic would want to go were the popular system is? I know that may not happen but why couldn't it happen if XB1 have a lower install base than ps4? It's all about the dollars bro and I also understand Microsoft having those developers under contract's as well. But if they could get away from Microsoft, you don't think they would run to the ps4? NOW do like your name say and "Sitdown and speak when spoken too!"

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