The Last of Us Launches Exclusively for PlayStation 3

The Last of Us has launched today exclusively for PlayStation 3. Set in a post apocalyptic world, The Last of Us tells the story of two lone survivors on the brink of human extinction. Players must face the odds and escape from some brutal enemies as they fight simply to exist.

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kevco331984d ago

Although I've got both PS3 & 360 I rarely play on the former. This, however, is the game that will make me forget there ever was an Xbox in my living room.

The_Con-Sept1984d ago

I was freaking out over the 137 mb file initial ps store download for the digital version. Then I installed the patch and BANG! Gray scale photo with a status bar and a timer.... Thank god I have to work today. Otherwise I would have to punch an XBOne to death.

jammy_701984d ago

Am I a fool being I've had the game for two days and still haven't played it yet

ZodTheRipper1984d ago

Yes you are, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive :/

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Marugo1984d ago

how bout the launches for wii u and xbox? lol

Hicken1984d ago

Do they have games releasing today?



Bathyj1984d ago

playing it right now.
I gotta say,I felt more emotion in the first fifteen minutes than I have playing a game probably since I played shadow of the colloseus

first1NFANTRY1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I just got my copy now from ebgames in Aus. I'm about to tear this game apart for the whole night :)

Imalwaysright1984d ago

The introduction of TLoU is, imo, up there with MGS3/4 and Half-Life1 as the best of all the games I've played and even though I haven't finished TLoU yet, Ellie became one of my favorite character in videogames alongside The Boss and Ocelot. Forget about Uncharted, TLoU is ND masterpiece.

axerated1984d ago

Same, it's the first time I've felt like I'm playing a survival horror game in about a decade, the emotional impact of the intro is incredible. In my top 5 game intros for sure

Dynasty20211984d ago

Annoyingly, I saw the first 20 minutes of the game when it leaked.

Like an idiot, I watched it all.

And you're right. This will go down as arguably the best intro to a game ever created.

Bathyj1984d ago

seriously, even j_blaze should play this game

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The story is too old to be commented.