New CoD Ghosts Lean Feature Explained

Mark Rubin, Infinity Ward's executive producer explains to us how the new lean feature will work in Call of Duty Ghosts. Also explained is the improved mantle system.

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snipab8t2011d ago

Look another 'groundbreaking new feature' that has been around for many years.

Riderz13372011d ago

I also love the fact that this feature has already been in a CoD game. It's in the PC version.

shivvy242011d ago

yeah i noticed lol ! i dont get how its groundbreking when games been doin it for ages , Killzone 2 (2009) , hell even the PSvita version of cod does it i think ! Resistance BS and Killzone M already do it on vita ! its nothing groundbreaking

ZeroX98762011d ago

for the more hardcore audience, no, it's not new. But for the more casual audience (cod) then yes, it's new.

There's a freaking big amount of players on cod, but not all of them were major gamers before cod. That's what I see with most of my non-gaming friends. they weren't gaming very much, a mario title here and there, but that't it.

Then CoD4 came out and you know the rest.


Right there, Casual gamers usually prefers consoles over PC, hence why they're promoting it as innovative. it's not new, just a big share of the casual haven't seen it yet.

Pintheshadows2011d ago

I also found that amusing. 'hey look at our new feature that has been in loads of other games including the Call of Duty franchise'.

Mikelarry2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

ground breaking new feature in the world of call of duty. dont hate on them bringing new innovations like amazing fish ai and jaw dropping dogs to the franchise its all good :)

HammadTheBeast2011d ago


Oh wait. BF4.

Riderz13372011d ago

But does BF4 have advanced fish AI technology?


Call of Duty Ghosts GOTY 2013.


Mikelarry2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

tell him riderz these guys are not ready :)

bobtheimpaler2011d ago

now that they have that revolutionary fish ai, they can make the other npcs not act like retards in 7 years.

shivvy242011d ago

who needs revolutionary fish when you can have falling buildings (BF4)

GuyThatPlaysGames2011d ago

CLEARLY if you read the article, which 90% of people that comment DON'T, it's a new feature for the console versions. Look at all the CoD haters out there. CoD will outsell any battlefield 5 to 1 any day of the week. It has so far!

Kalowest2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Just because it's going to outsell Battlefield doesn't make Fish(CoD)the better game. And the comments are making fun of the feature because it's suppose to be "new"... New to Fish yes, but new to the FPS genre no.

GuyThatPlaysGames2011d ago

It never said new to the FPS genre. What a troll. Get him outta here!

Somebody2011d ago

I read the article and the explanation about how the player doesn't need to press anything to lean...just go near the edge of a wall and the lean mechanics kick in.

Wait...I've played a game once and it did exactly that! Damn it, I forgot what the game was.

Pintheshadows2011d ago

Call of Juarez did that Somebody. A couple of others as well.

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DeadManMcCarthy2011d ago

Lol they talk as if the lean feature is anything new. If my memory serves me correct, COD4 had this lean feature. They took it out in the later games, and now they're acting like it's some groundbreaking new feature.

camel_toad2011d ago

The lean feature may overwhelm the casual gamers brains. So risky.

bobtheimpaler2011d ago

that's no exaggeration, but a statement of fact.

USMC_POLICE2011d ago

I think it was only a feature on PC. However I remember cod 2 on PS2 having lean!

first1NFANTRY2011d ago

Killzone and many other great games have been doing this for years now.

boldscot2011d ago

These guys are really pushing the new hardware now, amazing!
There won't be any room left on the Blu-ray disc after this and the ground breaking fish AI.

snipab8t2011d ago

I think the PS4 is gonna have to get some RAM upgrades to run this monster.

MoonConquistador2011d ago

Unless its only available due to the power of the cloud. Has this been confirmed for PS4 too lol.

What other body movements or breeds of dog do people wanna see for the next installment, Call of Duty Infinite:Away to the Dogs

Kalowest2011d ago

More like CoD: All Dogs go to Heaven!

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