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All Xbox One games announced so far...

A complete list of all Xbox One games that are announced so far (after E3) in alphabetical order, with video's. (Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Minecraft, TitanFall, Xbox One)

hoppermania  +   405d ago
Great list../ overview.
Rinus454  +   405d ago
Indeed! Very handy!
DiRtY  +   405d ago
By far The best lineup for the first 12 months so far.
MikeMyers  +   405d ago
Yup, it looks to have a great line-up of games at launch and will no doubt be ready to go right from the get go. If anyone can pull off cloud gaming without any hitches it's Microsoft. The Xbox 360 also had a decent line-up when it came out too. Let's just hope the Xbone continues to get true exclusive support years from now and not dwindle away which it should since Microsoft was focused on the Xbox 360 being profitable which it was. They have now invested 1 billion dollars into game development and more games are in development now from Microsoft than any time in the history of the Xbox.
SuperLupe  +   405d ago
My most anticipated on that list are Ryse, Crimson Dragon, Watchdogs and MGSV.

And they left out FFXV I think.
Dynasty2021  +   405d ago
Quick, someone say something negative about Xbox One, like how almost all those are coming to PS4.
sashimi  +   405d ago
Well you just did :) /yawn
Foxgod  +   405d ago
And first time in years i am also looking forward to GDC, to see more footage of black tusk their IP, and Quantum break.
As well as announcements from some of the MS studio's en third party's, that havent announced yet what they are working on yet.
CRAIG667  +   405d ago
Agree - Quantum break is the game I am most interested at this point,it looks pretty special. Also gotta say Forza 5 and Drive club on the other console are looking very promising indeed,oh and Titanfall!
mirroredge  +   405d ago
Magnificent List Of Games
FaSCoRP  +   405d ago
good list / set of youtube videos. thanks
mirroredge  +   405d ago
Mgs 5 no more playstion exclusive also mgs was on ms conference very good news for xbox buyers also titan fall very good
Hoika  +   405d ago
True. But MGS wasn't exclusive anymore on PS3 and 360... So I guess no one was expecting it was going to become exclusive again (at least I wasn't). I think Bungie's next game going multiplatform made a bigger impact than the MGS series
Jockamo  +   405d ago
What is D4? Like a kinect quicktime event adventure?
Gravitic  +   405d ago
This line-up is killer. Is Dead Rising 3 a launch title o_O
sovietsoldier  +   405d ago
yes and that is why i bought an xbox1 just for dead rising. its my favorite.

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