In Defence of Final Fantasy XV

RPGamer: "There's no question that some gamers will hold Final Fantasy XV's troubled development history against it. Claims will be made that this transformation is just a last ditch effort to justify the game's long development period. They'll attach the title to the somewhat poorly received entries in the Fabula Nova Crystallis chronicles and label it as a disappointment before it even hits shelves. Maybe those individuals will be right on both accounts. Maybe."

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TheLyonKing1984d ago

In the interview the guy said this game was more suited to action, I kinda see where he is comig from though he isn't like wada and understand people want a traditional ff game as well so we could see one.

He did basically say the game is going to be an easy game. I miss the old style ff games that were challenging!


Hadoukameha1982d ago

There is no defense for this.