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Kobus Kunneman @ "‘Naughty Dog does survival horror.’ That sentence alone should make your mouth water. Grab yourself a napkin and prepare for The Last of Us, the latest game by a studio that developed some of the best reasons to own a PlayStation 3. You know you want to..."

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Thatguy-3101928d ago

*SIGH* Everyone has a different opinion I guess. The opening events to the game is just amazing. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

NoobJobz1927d ago

You're making it sound like 8.4 is bad. This is the lowest score I've seen so far. If 8.4 is the lowest, I think that's a good sign.

snipab8t1927d ago

Gamespot gave an 8 and some random reviewer gave a 7.5

US8F1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

^^^^ lol yea and it won't dictate anything other than how awesome the game is.... Atleast 64 critics says so

ScytheX31927d ago

lowest ive seen is 7.5, and ppl were throwing tantrums as if that was the offical score worldwide and would somehow affect the gameplay lol, little kids....

brodychet1926d ago

Lowest I've seen is a 6. (Technically it was 3/5)

Just looking for hits lol. Besides, what's the difference between an 8.4 and an 8.5?.. lol wtf

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SegaSaturn6691927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

His reason for dropping the score was that the "AI was not very clever."

However, that is very subjective as the infected are supposed to behave mindlessly.

So, I'd have to say this is subjective and rather at risk of being drivel.

himdeel1927d ago

The human AI is pretty good. I just wish you could drag bodies like in Deus Ex.

0pie1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

why 8.4 and not 8.5 ... what is the difference? hahaha

GentlemenRUs1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I've seen a 6.

And that review which had the 6 was horrible!

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Quarter To Three gave it a 6. /sob