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"Developer Undead Labs originally announced State of Decay a few years back as Class 3, which was supposed to be the most ambitious, multiplayer, zombie-infested survival game. Unfortunately, multiplayer was removed from the game late in development, but that doesn't stop State of Decay from being one of the best zombie games of all-time."

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ltachiUchiha2012d ago

Oh so this was better then the last of us in your opinion? Looks fun but i hear the story sucks.

QuantumWake2012d ago

To be fair, the person who reviewed this game did not review The Last of Us.

I haven't played this game myself but I've heard it can be quite addicting once you understand the mechanics of the game.

ltachiUchiha2012d ago

I didnt know it was a different person but ive played 8 hours of the last of us and can say that, that 8 was better then any survival horror game i ever played. Its not spooky but its just u feel like your joel & u dont want to die & on top of that u dont want ellie to die herself so your heart is beating as the game starts to get more intense. I never felt like this in any other game ive ever played. Its crazy how naughty dog actually makes the player feel so attached to joel & ellie.

I havent played state of decay but its the reason i questioned the reviewer since its the same person who submitted the last of us review from this same site.

dragonopt12012d ago

I agree, think it's funny on their main site they have a Master Chief and they give TLOU a 7-10 and SOD 9-10 lol hmmmm