IGN AU Reviews Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

IGN Australia writes: "Gran Turismo. It's a big deal. You may be part of the vocal minority who disagree, and you're entitled to do so, but the numbers just don't lie. We're talking more than 47 million units sold over the past decade. We're talking about a series that has moved PlayStation consoles off shelves like no other. We're talking about a videogame whose creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, made Motor Trend's 2007 Power List of those who make a significant impact on the automotive world – ahead of the CEOs of Honda and Ferrari."

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Meus Renaissance3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I was surprised when I saw the score and the glowing report; but the last two paragraphs explain it. The lack of features online and the possible lag experienced drags the Online play down. Polyphony will most likely keep rolling updates for the game, seeing as its one of the biggest franchises exclusive to the platform, Sony will not want to be undermined by this issue.

Great score otherwise.

xaphanze3764d ago

It's a demo,what did you expect?

Breakfast3764d ago

The score scared me too, but its understandable. I dont agree with the graphics score. They gave it a 9.5 even though its the best looking racing game/game period, AND running at 1080p 60-frames.

Cant wait for the full game :)

Meus Renaissance3764d ago

It's only a demo by GT's own standards considering they want to put 900 cars into the final game. Compare Prologue with many other racers, it has more yet still people dismiss it saying "its a demo" ironically, which is a compliment in itself to the game.

If it can give this much, with such a score, and is just a "demo", they'll probably give Gran Turismo 5 11 out of 10

wulan3764d ago

The extended demo got 8.3 man .

the final version would have over 500 cars and could have over 60 tracks.

so you can easily determine the score of the final game

IGN was just praising the game all OVER . It is just that they took off points for being short.

comeon it is not the full game . just 1/5th of the full game but still awesome

IGN also said this:-

" Graphics
We don't really have qualms saying GT5 Prologue is the best looking racing sim we've ever laid eyes on. Super crispy car models, hyper-detailed interiors... it's gorgeous. "

sonarus3764d ago

For purpose of comparison check out ign review of forza 2
7.5 on the graphics.
"Jaggies, jaggies, and more jaggies. At times, it appears this is LEGO Forza Motorsport 2. The drab colors and weak art design don't help. 60fps is welcome, though."
Yet the ps3 haters simply cannot let ps3 have this masterpiece. 720p and 60fps still couldn't match visually and got raped by jaggies. I really really hope turn 10 has forza 3 cooking something magnificent because they will more than likely get raped by GT5. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for weather effects and night tracks.

wulan3764d ago

Forza 2 got 7/10 in graphics from IGN not 7.5

redmamoth3764d ago

... I couldn't have put it better myself and was about to post the same thing so bubbles for you!

GT5:P is a Demo BUT only by its own VERY HIGH standards.... Look at Motorstorm, less tracks, less cars, no split screen... yet I still go back to it day after day!! This is worth £18 of anyones money... i'll see you all online!!

Glad to be a gamer3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Good to see prologue getting good reviews but...

For those not wanting a debate based in reality but rather a praise and worship session then may i suggest pushing the ignore button.

@sonarus and others debaters.

Forza2 Ign AU review

Graphics 8.5
It's not immediately obvious just how great this game looks, and the move to 60fps really helps the sensation of speed.

Gameplay 9.5
This is sim-racing at its finest. '

gt prologue IGN AU review

Graphics 9.5
We don't really have qualms saying GT5 Prologue is the best looking racing sim we've ever laid eyes on. Super crispy car models, hyper-detailed interiors... it's gorgeous.

Gameplay 8.5
Two levels of handling physics (standard and professional) plus a slate of driving aids makes GT5 as challenging as you want it to be. It's a finesse racer. Very civilised.

Although the graphics for Gt prologue are unquestionably good forza 2 is also great looking hence the 1 point diff in favour of gt.
But in game play which won't change from this to the full game we see Forza 2 has a 1 point diff in its favour.

Just shows that both games are very close to each other but one is better graphically while the other has better gameplay. I won't talk about online in the cp because it would not be fair at this moment in time.

novaIS3503764d ago

Did you just post made up review score numbers? You do know they posted the ACTUAL IGN AU review scores... right? Just making sure.

sonarus3764d ago

lol didn't see the Australian one. Once damage is in, forza can kiss its game play edge goopdbye

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Rikitatsu3764d ago

I wonder what GT5 will get :O :O

wulan3764d ago

considering the fact that IGN is a very unbiased website.

However 1up/Gamespot and other dubious websites/mag like EGM/EUROGAMER/EDGE will give it a mediocre score for being a ps3 game.

However the only website i trust is IGN---world's biggest gaming website

ps3 is my champion3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

and DL'ing it as soon as it shows up on PSN.

GT5 is the first (true) step towards gaming heaven.

o yea, bump ign au.

xaphanze3764d ago

They should have given the graphics more than 9.5 .Oh wait,they left that to the final know with the damage physics and stuff.

Cyrus3653764d ago

There is some discrepancies in the review, the slam it by saying it's a "glorified demo", yet they praise it for being a game that has more content than most full games, and especially GT heads will enjoy. And they also fail to mention although somewhat pricey, it's still cheaper than most regular retail games...

novaIS3503764d ago

It has more cars than Grid will ship with... for 20 dollars less.

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