Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Me

UM writes: I’ve made no bones about being a long-time and stalwart Nintendo fan. As such, I own and play my 3DS on the regular. I believe it’s truly one of the best handheld systems to ever exist, and it’s not even about the 3D function. I’m a super fan of the effect, but if it gives you a headache? Turn it off. The game selection alone is worth the price of admission. Not only does it have a solid library of first- and third-party titles, but the eShop contains a whole world of fantastic games to choose from, from downloadable versions of said first-party Nintendo titles to a myriad of smaller indie titles. Download Cave Story immediately, if you haven’t already. Also, the Gameboy Color classics Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages are both available for $4.99 each for a limited time. Just so you know.

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