Destructoid review: Echochrome

Destructiod writes: "You might remember the game from when we salivated over it back at TGS. The game looked like an utter mindf*ck, and everyone thought it would be a great addition to the PS3's online library, filling it out just a little more. Of course, the excitement surrounding Echochrome died out, with other games garnering attention from just about everyone on the 'net. While walking around Yodobashi Camera last Monday, I was forcefully reminded that Echochrome was coming out the next day by a rather large display. And not only that, there's a PSP version!

Having decided against lugging my giant black behemoth of love with me to Japan, I was thankful that my PSP was at hand, and that UMDs are blissfully region-free. I stayed true to my promise, and bought the game the very next day, eager for some puzzle-poundin' action – something that I had sorely been missing since Brad Rice's Block-Droppin' Hootenanny."

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KidMakeshift3616d ago

Got it and love it

I recommend I.Q. on the PSP too

gEnKiE3616d ago

Wait...but isnt this game "racist"? No one is going to buy it.

KidMakeshift3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I think this game was originally titled "White Power! Eradication of The Dark Ones"

This game is so racist that it dug up MLK and killed him again

Seriously though, if anyone who can see this as being racist is a idiot

SL1M DADDY3616d ago

The racist article was definitely one for the books. Too bad some folks are just too ignorant to see through their own agendas and see a great game when it slaps them in the face. lol

Jinxstar3616d ago

Is there a US release date?

KidMakeshift3616d ago

No, I've looked.
I bought it off the japanese PSN

However, I read that the PS3 version is only a prelude (50 puzzles). The PSP version, which is also out in Japan, is the full game (100 puzzles, multiple modes)

I'd like to think that they'll release it in America for $20 like Patapon