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The Escapist: "Rayman Legends officially debuted at least year's E3 show and has since generated some bad press first with a delay (to allow for simultaneous release on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) and then in response to several efforts made by the developer to appease unhappy fans. Some of these efforts include releasing the ghosts and leaderboard functionality in Online Challenges for free and offering Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia outfits for download with a pre-order."

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PopRocks3591983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

"No, said Morel and Chevallier. The developer deliberately wanted Rayman Legends set to local multiplayer only. Because how else can you really have that borderline sadistic fun of slapping your friends' characters around in levels, between levels, and during soccer unless you're actually sitting next to them in real life? Where you can ALSO slap them."

That really freaking does it. I am so sick of this stupid backwards mentality from both Ubisoft AND Nintendo.

These are systems with online capabilities that are more than capable of using them. MAKE USE OF THEM. Why in the hell are you deliberately omitting options that can benefit the damn game?! Are you freaking serious?!

Local multiplayer is an amazing thing... but for the love all that is sane, that DOES NOT MEAN that online is somehow moot in that regard! There are MANY gamers that are incredibly reliant on online play to connect with their friends. I would always choose local over online but not at the expense of having no online at all! I don't always have the option of playing with friends who are nearby.

It's incredibly frustrating that both Ubisoft and (especially) Nintendo will not get off this damn tangent. GIVE your fans the OPTION of online. The Wii U is MORE than capable of it if the 3DS can do 8 players in Mario Kart 7 with virtually no lag. And since Rayman Legends is multiplatform, there's no goddamn excuse!

longcat1983d ago

the truth is probably that they dont want the cost of running servers given the poor sales of non-nintendo platformers.

i can understand that....but dont insult my intelligence with this BS

ChickeyCantor1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Hear hear. I'm still burned by the fact F-zero GX never had online play. Even though they had the damn adapter for it.

I love Nintendo games but give them a super computer and they will treat it like a F'n 8-bit system. ( most Japanese developers have that tendency )

Miyamoto implied numerous time : "When it's hard or difficult to do we don't do it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1983d ago

I'm guessing I'll be able to play multiplayer through adhoc on the Vita? I hope they don't take it out again for the Vita because that was the only bad thing about Rayman Origins.