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Microsoft Defends Its Policy On Online Connectivity, Indie Games And More

Microsoft's upcoming next-generation gaming console Xbox One has created controversy over its policy of restricting sale of used games and the need to connect to internet atleast once in 24 hours. (Dev, E3, PS4, Tech, Xbox One)

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zeal0us  +   895d ago
It seems like Microsoft will be defending its policy until launch time.
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BattleTorn  +   895d ago
It's really thier only option. They'll lose even more support (I know - how? - right?) if they start back pedalling their policies.

They do need to start educating people on the actual BENEFITS of what their trying to sell us. As well as make up for the restriction with extras bundled in-box. (free games, year subcr, ect)
limewax  +   895d ago
Unless they can bundle my consumer rights in that box there's really nothing they can put in their that can sway me.
HammadTheBeast  +   895d ago
They've been trying to "educate" people (painting useless things gold and saying random garbage to confuse people) for a while now.

But I'm not buying into it, cause the very core of the console is broke, yo.
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ThanatosDMC  +   895d ago
They wont have free games sadly.
greenlantern2814  +   894d ago
they should back pedal, some say that would hurt them. IMHO it would cause some internet negativity but the xbox fans out there that are now pissed and saying they wont buy it would.
questions they should answer though.
if my xb1 breaks do i loss all my account/ games since they are locked to that xb1?
since i have to have the kinect2 what happens if that breaks? are you selling stand alone kinects or would i have to buy a whole new xb1? if you would fix the kinect for free if it breaks will that mean i cant use my xb1 till it comes back?
what are these benefits for drm you say there are lots of them, mind sharing?
Wenis  +   895d ago
The more microsoft defends crap like this, the less willing I am to buy the Bonebox
Zeniix  +   895d ago
And this is why people should stop hoping they will change their policy for now cause they're trying to defend it.
Enemy  +   895d ago
Defending it = no plans to change. In comparison to the amount of indie games Sony will have next gen, they'll have none.
ElementX  +   895d ago
E3 was just a few days ago. They can't go out and make statements without having a few meetings.
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Gamer-Z  +   895d ago
The more they defend their policies the more i distrust them.
Lovable  +   895d ago
Please stop destroying your already ruined reputation.
corywebb93  +   895d ago
Hurr Durr but I can't afford electricity to keep my xbox connected for 24 hours.

Sum of you should get a job so you can afford electricity.
lukeb4dunk  +   894d ago
As I pointed out in another post, what if someone gets laid off, loses hours or just flat loses their job? Internet is one of the first things many may cut to help make ends meet. If this happens, they can't play on a system that they paid 500 bucks for.
Destrania  +   895d ago
Xbox, go home. I suggest completely forgetting about them and just focus on all the greatness PS4 will bring.
cleft5  +   895d ago
For a company to continue down this path that no one wants is just foolish. Whatever, I am getting a PS4, everyone else can do as they like.
StinKyNuGz  +   895d ago
wonder what he meant u can hook smartphone up to it.......Does that give u connection?????
MatriXcian  +   895d ago
It seems Microsoft is living in a dream world. The P3 has been getting day 1 digital realease on all titles for awhile now and with acsess to PS Plus I can go over to a buddies house log into my name and play all my digital titles not to mention game sharing ive never paid for COD mapacks yet I have almost every single one of them due to friends. Microsoft is trying to bullshit everyone and act like its new. Id go as far as saying that Microsoft is behind in the digital department and has no clue what theyre doing.
BattleTorn  +   895d ago
You are sooooooo right!!

I'm admittedly primarily an Xbox fan. But, man!! XBL Games on Demand is an absolutely f#$%ing disgrace... I've been buying all digital on PSN for a while now.

I gave MS some slack for it being the end of the generation, but I do have a hard time seeing their "all digital world" when they so far behind in it already!

I've heard the arguments as to why MS is trying to not "upset retailers" - but it's simply ridiculous.

XBL seriously needs to get with the times and start offering Day1 digital downloads.
Games on Demand just got Tomb Raider - !!!!!!! - whoopdeedo, I bought that on PSN months ago, ugh.
OrangePowerz  +   895d ago
"I don't think anyone has been has committed to the independent developer more than Xbox over the previous generation,"

Please note the "HAS BEEN", yes they have in the past but not anymore.
Kratoscar2008  +   895d ago
Its even an insult for customers when MS try justify the loss of our rights as consumers.
ElementX  +   895d ago
My Xbox One will look nice sitting next to my PS4
ironwolf  +   895d ago
Doesn't bother me a bit. I rolled into the 21st century 13 years ago, and since I work for a company creating and selling a lot of cloud based applications, I know where things are going.
kayoss  +   894d ago
This maybe true, but let me point you a little picture and ill use hd- DVD as the outcome. The future is dictated by the consumers. If they choose to accept it, it will thrive and evolved. But if the consumers decide to reject it, it will go the way of hd- DVDs. At this point, it sound like the majority of the consumers are rejecting the x1. Even if a few do accept it, it won't make difference because the majority rule. If the majority reject it, that means one or two things.
1. They are not ready for it
2. There is a major problem with it.

In the hd- DVD case there was a major problem with it and that problem is the bluray.
For x1, I think it maybe 1 & 2. People are not ready for always connected because not everyone who play games have a constant Internet connection. The major problem is the ps4
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strigoi814  +   894d ago
The more they defend this, the more it is leaving tons of question mark..if the future of this console as well as this company will be good in the long run.
hazelamy  +   894d ago
screw you ms, i'm not gonna sacrifice my rights for a little bit of convenience, that will actually end up being more inconvenient in the long run.
vigilante_man  +   894d ago
.. "When it comes to pricing, Xbox One being priced at £429 and PlayStation 4 at £349, he said that Xbox One will justify the extra £80.

"We feel great about the value of Xbox One. It's a unique architecture, with Kinect and the power of the cloud," he said. "..

You are paying for the cloud with the purchase of the box? I thought that was what the online subscription was for.

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