Destiny Behind Closed Doors Demo - E3 2013

IGN: "Watch the behind closed doors demo of Destiny from Bungie. They show off a tad more of the game and left us excited to see more."

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Rooted_Dust1198d ago

Is the ghost Peter Dinklage?

Karlnag31198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Don't know why you got a disagree... he is voice acting in the game.

KillrateOmega1198d ago

Yup. In Destiny, you shall embark upon an epic journey with the god of tits and wine by your side.

WarThunder1198d ago

So the game is set in Russia? Thats awesome! something fresh! :D

Pintheshadows1198d ago

I don't think all of it will be as it is a huge persistent world MMO shooter.

Pintheshadows1198d ago

I think this looks thoroughly excellent. The vista he showed was pretty jaw dropping.