Cancer patient's PSP, medicine, homework stolen

In Dallas, Texas, while a 7-year-old boy headed to his chemotherapy appointment Tuesday, thieves were at work on his family's car, making off with his medicine, school homework, and video games. If that wasn't enough, it all happened on the day before his birthday.

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Alcaponeyou3768d ago

ceo should do something, it's like pocket change.

Amp3768d ago

Hats off to the police department for getting him a new PSP and games to help,help each other guys, you will feel better.

vysis3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

My regards for this boy and his family. Truly.

HOWEVER, please remember that this is a video game oriented website. This article has NOTHING to do with the anything about the games industry. Just because it has the word PSP in the article does not make it relevant information.

if u want raise awareness and sympathy, please go to the right area. Such information does not belong on this website.

(and no, video gamers do not have hearts... at least not on xbox live they don't)

Kulupoo3768d ago

mmhmm same.. regards to this boy and family... but srsly this have very little thing attach to gaming community. Life's tough

Amanosenpai3768d ago

BUT BUT.... his PSP... thats inhuman ¬_¬

I agree.

deeznuts3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

This site is called news for gamers, not news about gaming ... only. This is a user created blog, not the equivalent of a trade magazine for gamers.

And for you guys who think it has nothing to do with gamers/gaming. Think about what you're saying. You're surfing a gaming site, hanging on every single word that comes out about your favorite console or handheld. Now imagine somehow that the one thing you come onto this site for, your consoles/handheld, is gone. You're saying you losing your console or handheld would have nothing to do with yourself, a gamer? Yeah right. And I bet you're not 7 with cancer either.

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The story is too old to be commented.