Sega Dreamcast Dev Kit Makes Historic Appearance

TQ author writes: A historic moment has been captured at this year’s E3 event of a Dreamcast Dev Kit. Take a look at what a dev kit looked like for the most advanced and arguably the greatest gaming console in the history of gaming.

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Kalowest2007d ago

I F'ing love my Dreamcast!

SexyGamerDude2006d ago

Me too. I plug it up every now and then, just to play Power Stone with my friends.

PurpHerbison2006d ago

Don't forget MvC2 and CvS2 on Dreamcast as those ports were SPOT on.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler2006d ago

still play my dreamcast. i own 3 of them lol

Cryptcuzz2006d ago

I only one and I love it dearly! I even got the VMU for the controllers lol.

I remember playing Soul Calibur 2 on the Dreamcast and it blew me away!

Blachek2006d ago

Crazy Taxi & Shenmue 2 =)

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The story is too old to be commented.