The 25 Greatest Handheld Games of All Time

Complex - Even though we’re all hooked on playing games on our phones right now at the office, there’s no question that a huge part of our gaming lives centered on gaming on the go with actual hand-held systems.

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Zodiac1981d ago

Great list, but don't be afraid to repeat franchises in different spots of they are truly your favorite. Not saying you tried to avoid doing that, but i wanted to throw it out there. Great list otherwise!

Moonman1981d ago

Mario Kart 7, Ocarina 3D and Super Mario 64 DS for me. :)

kwyjibo1981d ago

25 handhelds, 25 pages of ads.

Not bothering.

MrKingofVideoGames1981d ago

Plus many of the screenshots are incorrect, too.

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