Gametrailers preview of Mario Kart Wii

Gametrailers writes:
"Mario Kart Wii takes a giant step forward with new karts, bikes, tracks, and tons of options for both controllers and online play, but did Nintendo oversimplify the driving mechanics?"

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Iamback3645d ago

If this game was called ....lets say just kart and there were no Mario "guys" in it but everything else was same + if it was on PS3 or one would even bother to check it out. It just shows you how pathetic Nintendo line up and fanboys are. You can disagree all you want deep down inside you know i am telling the truth.

kwicksandz3645d ago

and if say final fantasy was called something different, like Lost odyssey, fanboys would jump all over it calling it stale and generic..

Brawl, wii fit, mario kart Nintendo's lineup sounds pretty solid to me. i suggest you take your BS to the open zone, or even better keep it to yourself.