Killer Instinct 720p 60fps Gameplay Interview With David Verfaillie

IGN - Check out 720p 60fps gameplay of Xbox One's Killer Instinct. David from Double Helix takes us through the new combat system and shows an 86 hit Ultra Combo.

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JokesOnYou2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Yeah, I prefer to just buy the whole game with all the characters. Its fast, it looks good, nice style but I would of like it bloody. I like the finish at the end of the vid.

Belking2006d ago

For a fighting It's not needed and you won't se a difference because it's 60FPS.

Muffins12232006d ago

On my pc any game I play at 60 fps 1080p still makes a difference

WolfOfDarkness2006d ago

It's Not like SSF4 , it's completely different Fighting engine , it's all about the Combos', and to bull combo it's a lot easier than SF4 , there's a finishing Moves should be add " No Mercy " ? I notes also there is No Blood ! This game came out in the 90"s arcades against Mortal Combat and Street Fighter . I hope Microsoft doesn't spoil the original game play of the game . The announcer does not say " Ultra Comboooooooooooo " but only " Ultraaaaaaaaa ! " at the end . that's No good thing really , they should keep it as the Original announcer of KI !

THamm2006d ago

Why can this not be done on 360?