About: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review writes: "Another year, another great playing but poor everything else Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer release. We love the smooth and flowing gameplay, but are getting sick of the average graphics and lack of licenses. Come on Konami! EA's FIFA series is catching up little by little every year, and unless you spend some money on licenses and giving the graphics an overhaul, soccer fans are going to start abandoning you. Pro Evo 08 is still a decent game, but it could have been so much more.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is a hard game to rate. On one hand, if it is your first time playing the series, it is easily the best soccer game you'll have ever played. If you haven't played Winning Eleven for a couple of years, Pro Evo 2008 is highly recommended for a purchase. It will be a fun and fresh experience and you won't be bothered at all by paying to play the same game two years in a row. On the other hand, if you are a die-hard Winning Eleven/Pro Evo fan and already own last year's game, there really isn't any reason to pick up Pro Evo 2008."

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