Kotaku - Up Close And Oh-So-Personal With The PlayStation 4 Controller

Kotaku - At Sony's E3 booth, they've got a PlayStation 4 on display and playable. You can't get to the console itself, but the controller is just hanging out, waiting for people to mess around with it. So that's just what we did.

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Thomaticus2006d ago

It looks bigger in video than it does in pictures. I hope the face buttons (square, triangle, etc) are still analog / pressure sensitive.

jamz42006d ago

I'm sure they said they are ditching the pressure sensitive buttons as only a handful of games used it. Disappointing for me, much prefer using them for accel/brake

Redrum0592006d ago

I first learned of the pressure sensitive back in the ps2 era with metalgearsolid 3 snake eater

Nicaragua2006d ago

I never noticed a difference tbh

farhad2k82006d ago

Left click and Right click on the trackpad?

I wonder if they'll use the trackpad as a cursor for the web browser with left click and right click, that would be great, and much faster than the analog sticks.

The web browser MAY be important this time around, as you can leave it running in the background while gaming.

Wagz222006d ago

I wish I could hold it...but I have to wait so long...

REAL12006d ago

It looks very comfortable. Not so crampy looking if that makes sense.

Agent_hitman2006d ago

Wow that look good.. That touch pad built in to the gamepad is very cool. Have you seen the PS4 "Playroom" demo?. It's awesome

Williamson2006d ago

Looks really impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.