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GR: Reviving a classic.

Final Fantasy X was the sole piece of software that sold me on Sony's gaming platform back in 2001. At the time I was a loyal Nintendo fan, never giving a care or thought to what the world of PlayStation had to offer gamers. That all changed when I first laid eyes upon Square's high profile role-playing game on PS2. The fantastical world full of blitzball and creature summoning not only roped me into Sony's ecosystem, it served as a gateway into the trio of Final Fantasy games that launched prior on the original PlayStation.

As such, I have an incredibly soft spot for Final Fantasy X, and when Square Enix announced that it would be layering a fresh coat of HD paint over the original game for PlayStation 3 gamers, I was beside myself with joy. The folks over at Square are perfectionists, so I knew that the HD port of FFX (and FFX-2) would look gorgeous, and for that reason alone this re-release can't be missed.

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knifefight1949d ago

Can't decide if I want this on PS3 or Vita. Love the portability of Vita, but the PS3 version has both in one pack, so it's a money saver. Hm :/

Xof1949d ago

I'll be getting the PS3 version and the Vita version (physical) of FFX. Don't see any reason to get two copies of FFX-2, though.

NioRide1949d ago

I may just get it for Vita if they bring PSO2 over to the states as well.

r211949d ago

Im certainly getting on vita. Just FFX though seeing as i heard the other one wasnt all that great.

Garbanjo0011949d ago

I never played it, but I heard it was fun. Though I didn't test it to see, didn't need to because FFX was epic.

Pozzle1948d ago

" I never played it, but I heard it was fun. Though I didn't test it to see, didn't need to because FFX was epic."

The gameplay is fun. But don't expect a story like FFX's. Most of FFX-2 is just missions and silly minigames, while the main story is an afterthought.

It was nice to revisit Spira though.

N4GCB1949d ago

I find that long rpg's will be played more on a handheld than a stationary console, probably because I can do all the redundant grinding in bed or waiting for my coffee to be made or something.

Garbanjo0011949d ago

DIBS! I WANT DIBS ON THIS!!! This is going to be bad ass. I love the hell out of that game.

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k2d1949d ago

I'll get it on PS3. We'll probably get it on vita through PS+ somewhere down the road too.

Agent_hitman1949d ago

I think for VITA owners, this is a great title.. :)

YoungKingDoran1949d ago

after how *insanely* convenient Persona 4 Golden is on the Vita, that'd have to be my first choice, but I'll probably get both.

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