The Last of Us - The First Hour (Spoilers)

TheParanoidGamer - Watch the very first hour of The Last of Us as my buddy and I (no commentary) fight our way through the first few segments of the game. Spoilers of course.

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xyxzor1984d ago

I want this game so bad....Just a couple of hours, MUST RESIST!

Nitrowolf21984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

It's a great game, the intro was done dam well when I first played through it. Makes you care about the characters within the first few minutes.

THE Voice acting is dam good. Really has the right tone and feel. Music is F'n wonderful

TOGC1984d ago

This game is fantastic people, a must buy.

MikeyDucati11984d ago

The game does look good. Must. Resist. Purchase!

IRetrouk1984d ago

Going to sleep (cause I work nights) but I know that my gf will wake me up in a few hours with my eli edition. CAN NOT WAIT.

MikeyDucati11984d ago

You sir, have yourself a good woman.

IRetrouk1984d ago

I know lol, only probs is shes gonna rob the playstation off me at sum point to play the game too :(

MikeyDucati11984d ago

lol so you're saying she's not going to wake you at the time agreed upon? the lulz

IRetrouk1984d ago

No lol she knows better ;)

Azurite1984d ago

Been waiting to play this game since I got it delivered to me 9 days ago, looking forward to get home from work(8 hours to go).
Going to stream the event :)

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The story is too old to be commented.