We Met With A Company That Plans To Release A New JRPG In English Every Month

In mid-2000, Kemco the developer behind Shadowgate for NES and a number of titles starring Bugs Bunny, exited the business of making console games. However, they didn’t quit the video game business altogether. They focused on the feature phone market in Japan designing games for feature phones. Why did they focus on JRPGs?

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Tzuno1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Oh good lord there is still hope? I am bored by 3d-shooters and racing, bring back the games.

TheEvilWithin1804d ago

So this is for phones and tablets? Kind of a bummer was hoping maybe PS3/PS4 JRPG's were making a come back. Oh well here's hoping for the future.

Snarkasaur1804d ago

Releasing a new game every month just makes me think it'll be a slew of half-assed, boring games.

Chrono1804d ago

Their games are of very low quality.