Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake September Release: "Bogus Claim"

Statements from the Official Alan Wake boards clarify that claims of a September release and media speculation is nothing more than a "bogus claim."

Moderators whom are also employees of Remedy Entertainment, reinforce the message that the upcoming title will be done "when its done." And that if you do not see it on an official site, "then it's simply not true."

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sonarus3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

i knew this would happen

Breakfast3617d ago

nooooooooo!...this would have been my most anticipated game of the year.

fenderputty3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

"KZ2 release" bogus claim article. It is getting close to April first I guess. Rumors suck and so do the people that start them.

Breakfast3617d ago

rumour starters break my heart :(

Marceles3617d ago

like i said on the previous thread,

Breakfast3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

You probably say that alot on n4g... If had given you a dollar for everytime you said that...well, you no the rest.

Marceles3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

then 2 dollars lol...once on the other thread and once is unreliable i guess, same as that other site that tried to confirm KZ2's release, nothing but rumors

Breakfast3617d ago

lol at disagrees...FINE i wont give him money.

You should keep saying it and keep count...lets see how high it goes.

Obama3617d ago

That cracks me up. Bubble up XD.

Denges3617d ago


ive seriously never heard of Banjo Kazooie before

so i googled it and ROFLMAO'd!

GETPWNT3617d ago

wow, u people are f*cking retarded.

Blademask3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

No one has. Just old schoolers that go back to N64.. and even some of those people dont know it. But know that it is a million dollar franchise, and it will be AAA! EPIC and LEGENDARY Exclusive that is also available on the PC.

Kulupoo3617d ago

I hope so... I didnt like Kameo and Perfect dark 0 that much...
one thing i truly hate about rare as a company is they ruin Conker for me with the Xbox version /shed tears

Oilers Fan3617d ago

First of all How old are you? If you claim that n64 gamers are old, you must be 14 or something. Second of all, are you trying to suggest that we "xbots" think that bajo kazooie is going to be AAA, and Legendary. No . Its going to be a good game, and its going to be a platform game. Think of it more like a ratchet and clank effect, It will likely sell copies but not be touted as the greatest thing to happen to the 360. You SONY FAN GIRLS are the ones that make it seem like it is going to be unreal, seeing as how you girls are the only ones that bring that up. I Dont see one xbox fanboy saying anything that BK3 is going to be the god of all gaming.
You guys love to put words in xbots mouths dong you, and dont bring this bullshit of how it used to be the other way around when 360 was winning. Last time i checked I dont remember this level of fanboyism ever. I never saw people claiming sony were the NAZIS. Which should not even be joked about. I never heard of an xbox fanboy suggestion that PS3 IS DEAD come so and so date, and that THEY HAVE ZERO EXCLUSIVES FOR THE REST OF THERE LIFE, MARCH 28 PS3 IS DEAD, doodle im talking about you, you annoying fuuuck. I dont know, it seems like you fangirls have pleasure from the ps3 winning the console war, congratulations your favorite toy just sold more then someoen elses favorite toy. HMM what do you get out of it, maybe you stick the controller up your arse and get pleasure, I dont know what goes on in the mind of you fanboys.
And you know what, i know none of you guys will even reply to these comments, cause you get owned so badly.

Blademask3616d ago

Its an old franchise, that hasn't seen the light of day since n64. Its no where NEAR the ranks of Ratchet and Clank as far as franchises and success goes, so please don't try that card.

Don't pretend that the LEGENDARY game list for the 360 includes delayed PC titles TOO HUMAN, epic ALAN WAKE, and Banjo Kazooie... Everyone lsits it along side what they think will be the megaton h it titles. It just isn't.

You might not be hyping it as AAA, but everyone on this entire Site is. Its going to be AMAZING apparently, based on thin air or old screenshots from 2005 like most of the 360's "OMG 2008" Lineup. Don't get so angry at the fanboys on th is site.

Most people aren't fortunate enough to own all systems.

Thats why its a funny joke, because Like Alan Wake, banjo kazooie is also vaporware.

Fat Bastard3616d ago

You stupid xbots lose one of your few games to keep you alive for 2008, and you resort to Banjo? Ha, so THIS WHOLE YEAR you get a psycho ninja game, a retarded bear game, some gay chainsaw-gunners game, and, and, and, THAT'S IT! Ha, should have bought a PS3

n to the b3616d ago

@ Oilers Fan: bubbles for the voice of reason amidst all this needless [email protected] from sony fanboys

@ Blademask: really? what hype on n4g for BK3? I must have missed it...

@ Harry Potter: personally I'm looking forward to Fable 2 and Too Human most for 2008. the only sony title I'm envious of in 2008 is MGS4, by the way. per year, a couple of the really good titles are usually all I end up investing (time & $) in anyway.

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tethered3617d ago

So we will wait a little longer.

Oh well. Many other games to keep me busy.

wow4u3616d ago

TOO many games to play. I wish I had more time.

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