Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 94 "Jack Saves The Video Game Industry"

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"Nathan Schmidt and Joe Anello return to the air waves early this week to talk all things E3 2013! The boys break down each of the press conferences, giving their thoughts on the good, bad, and down right terrible. Heavy hitters like Titan Fall, and Destiny left quite the impression, and some may be surprised to hear which games left our dynamic duo feeling a bit underwhelmed. As the E3 closes it’s doors for another year, and the long walk to holiday season begins, Pixel Apocalypse is left with more reasons than not to be excited for what lies ahead for the video game industry! Enjoy!"

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komp1982d ago

Sadly some people don't seem to want to be saved. Head in the sand etc...

I bet these same people say "If you have nothing to hide then surveillance is OK"

One word: Naive.

Sharius1982d ago

sometime you should just let them fall, so when they crawl back they will know what is good for them

Army_of_Darkness1982d ago

That's exactly it. Some people need to learn the hard way, at least ONE time in their life ;-)

zeroskie1982d ago

It's fine. I'd rather not hear some of them bitch over voice chat anyways.

PSjesus1982d ago

Not because im a PS fan,but lets face it we all buy some retro consoles,last month i bought a used Sega mega drive(genesis) with greatest titles for less than 75$....after 10 years from now you'll never be able to buy an old Xbone and if you wanna play old games you have to buy it from eshop with high price.that's the stupid strategy of M$ and if Sony follow it's the end of console market, every one well become a PC gamer cos it's cheaper ..... MS used it's fan base as a host for media Box in every living room