Editorial: When Does Final Fantasy Cease To Be "Final Fantasy?"

News on the newly minted Final Fantasy XV has us asking a question that really needs to be asked about a series that is quickly becoming a shadow of its former self.

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Snookies121982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

It's not a shadow of its former self. Battle systems have nothing to do with a Final Fantasy...
-_- Final Fantasy is first and foremost about the story, characters, and settings.

Already sick of hearing this about XV and it (not) being a Final Fantasy. It is, and it looks fantastic. This coming from a fan since the beginning who loved the turn based system.

Outside_ofthe_Box1982d ago

First off why are we hearing these complaints now? We already knew what FFVS13 now called FFXV was going to be like back when it was first revealed. So why the crying now.

It does appear hack n slash-ish, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the case. We should just wait for more details.

The game looks great either way. The battle system might not be traditional FF, but everything else appears to be in some shape or form.

Qrphe1982d ago

Square releases more info on Versus back in 2011


Game now is an enhanced version of what they had shown


Fair to say, they're a very small but vocal minority.

NatureOfLogic1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@ Snookies12, "Battle systems have nothing to do with a Final Fantasy"

You're so wrong. The engaging gameplay of the battle system is what helps set the tone of the game. The strategic battle system in the classic FF's were equally important as the story, characters and setting. So many rpgs never compared to FF because they were always lacking in one of these areas. FF was successful because it was a perfect mix of story telling, characters and most importantly gameplay to keep you engaged.

Wolfbiker1981d ago

The battles in the older FF were probably that way for two reasons, 1.) Technical limitations to both tell an epic and to be in a huge world and 2.) Because Dragon Quest used it.

Obviously the turned based evolved over time and became beloved but that's not to say it is integral part of the series.

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Sonyslave31982d ago

FF type 0 is battle systems is super fun.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1982d ago

It'll never stop. It'll just evolve. Whether it's from 2d to 3d, action to turn-based, exclusive to multiplat.

ScorpianusNoir1982d ago

I liked this answer:
Shepherd Book
Thursday, June 13, 2013 @ 11:08:42 PM
This tripe is no longer the Final Fantasy that I knew and loved. Square Enix has taken the franchise that Squaresoft built and run it into the ground. Have they bastardized their own Dragonquest title in the same manor? I think not. Air Ships, World Maps, Sidequests, stories that drew you in, True Summons i.e. Shiva, Bahamut, Ifrit, Have they ever done anything close to the majesty of Knight of the Round?
Van Halen with Sammy Hagar had the same name but was not the same band as it was with David Lee Roth. Journey without Steve Perry was not the same even though the name stayed the same. Some time ago the name Final Fantasy told you all you needed to know about why you should get the game, now it tell you all the reasons not to.

R.I.P. Final Fantasy

WeAreLegion1981d ago

I take it you haven't played a Nomura game?

Wolfbiker1981d ago

"Air Ships, World Maps, Sidequests, stories that drew you in"

All of these things have already been confirmed to be in Versus XII so we can only assume that they will be in XV as well.

Maybe an open mind and a little research could do you well.

baraka0071981d ago

i hate everything about gaming that's why im a gamer ;) it really does seem like the new gen of gamers think this way

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