Nintendo Reveals 3DS and Wii U Titles for Rest of 2013

Both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U had slow launches. While the 3DS has picked up over the past couple years, Wii U releases are painstakingly elusive. Thankfully, the company has multiple major releases planned for both platforms. Game Freaks 365 has compiled a list of 3DS and Wii U titles coming through the rest of the 2013 calendar year from both Nintendo and third party studios.

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LOL_WUT1949d ago

Mario Kart is not even coming out this year... ;)

Moonman1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I was under the impression it wouldn't, but do they mean by March 31st 2014? ;p If so, I'm going to

Foxgod1949d ago

it was confirmed that Mario kart 8 will be out early next year.

Moonman1949d ago

Should I do the MC Hammer or the Electric Slide? haha

MoveTheGlow1949d ago

Yeah, Mario Kart's supposed to come out in Spring 2014. I think they're talking "fiscal" 2013.

That's great, because Spring 2014's around the time when the WiiU will finally have accrued an amount of games that's around what they should have had for their launch year. I'll be interested for sure, and I may get the thing for MK8 the way it looks!

MilkMan1949d ago

The list is solid, I can see a lot of potential hits there. But I am at odds with the third party titles. Some I will get for WiiU, no brainers like Deus Ex and Wonderful 101 but I'm afraid I've changed focus on the Ubisoft titles. I feel they will be better served on the PS4 than on the WiiU.
These were a lock before I made up my mind between Xbox and PS.
I suspect this may be the case with many other WiiU owners.

Gemmol1949d ago

not really, I look for features, if its just a upgraded graphics, the game would not make no difference, but if it felt great to play on the Wii U compare to the others, then that will be great......for example check this preview out on Wii U bayonetta, the people said they do not understand how they play that game before playing it on the Wii U because thats how great it felt

here is the link

Spookshow1949d ago

TW101 is a WiiU exclusive!!!

brewin1949d ago

For a system everyone is saying is DOA there are a lot of games I want to play in that list. I'm supporting the third party titles like arkham origins and the ubi titles on the Wii u. I am loving the game pad and the Wii u in general. I hope it sells great this holiday so it gets more support.

gedden71949d ago

That's a lot of games at the start or end of august.. Looking pretty good actually.

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