PlayStation 4 Game Pre-Orders Outpacing Xbox One

TheHDRoom: "The early next generation console adopters are speaking with their wallets to the tune of PlayStation 4 over Xbox One if individual game pre-orders are taken into account."

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DEEBO1984d ago

that's because more ps4's are being store just got a fresh batch of ps4's today at my store.25 more,x1like six more.ps4 will win this generation.

Testfire1984d ago

This article if from the future. It's dated the 14th, but even factoring EST it's still the 13th.

Heavenly King1984d ago

for me it was already 14th 48mins ago.

MysticStrummer1984d ago

lol One of those NA = the world people I see.

JokesOnYou1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Things will continue to change its early and pre-orders will fluctuate, X1 is #1 on Amazon bestsellers.

Despite all the negativity its still doing well in pre-orders, but as we know pre-orders are fickle, we wont truly know until folks actually spend their hard earned money but frankly at this point I believe most of the criticism is overblown and more about Microsoft poorly delivering their policy rather than the console itself. They need to advertise while there could possibly a used game fee imposed by publishers their game sharing features/policy is much, much better than the usual practice of how we traditionally share games. Imagine at E3 if they would have ended with, "Yes we allow publishers to impose a fee for 2nd hand game purchases but we will allow you and 10 of your friends to all play the same game library on their own X1." "This is the connection of the future.".....well something like that. lol

NateCole1984d ago

@jokes. That's just Amazon. There seems to be 2 PS4 version though at 2 and 3.

Cuthbo1984d ago

In Australia its 2.26 pm on the 14th

Doctoglethorpe1984d ago

To be fair.

X1 is back in the top spot (after ps4 held it for a few days) cause its still taking launch orders. PS4 sold out of launch orders and is already into its second+ wave orders which have already overtaken the launch batch. Both in the second and third spots now, combined they add up to more then x1. And don't be surprised if in a couple more days the second+ batch of PS4's take the top spot back.

Also just look at the games and peripherals selling, all of the third party titles are selling on ps4 more, the dualshock 4 is selling mroe then the xbox pad, and even the silly ps camera that I'm surprised anyone cares about is selling more then the xbox gamepad.

So yeah, ps4 definitely still in the overall lead by quite a lot.

MysticStrummer1984d ago

"we will allow you and 10 of your friends to all play the same game library on their own X1."

I wonder if publishers think this is better than used games...?

Somehow I doubt it.

Testfire1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@ MysticSrummer,

Considering that the website the article came from is owned and operated out of the US, and that's where I live, you can take that comment and shove it up your ass!

WeAreLegion1984d ago

You're wrong though. That link shows the PS4 in the top spot...and various games/accessories for the PS4 also up there.

morganfell1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Well Jokes Now the Xbone is number 2 with the PS4 occupying the number 1 and number 3 positions.

When something is in a particular sales position we do not know the degree to which it holds that position over trailing competition. Is it by 1 unit or 100,000?

The fact is things will only get worse for MS from here on out. Europe and Asia are PlayStaion bastions and with MS not launching in Asia at all unitl late next year they will not far well at Gamescom and particularly TGS. Like never before the responses in those territory will affect gamers here in the US. This will only server to widen the PS4 lead.

When publishers witness this response it affects matters as well.

Welcome to where we Sony supporters were in 2007. Thinks about all those times you were relentless in articles unjustly beating on PlayStation and it's supporters.

The big difference was we had actual sales data showing the PS3 gaining on the 360 from day one.

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so heres an interesting little tidbit: every single gamestop ive been to/called over the last 2 days has had several ps4's available for preorder, but NO xbox ones.
why is this? is gamestop corp really selling more xbox one reserves than ps4?


did a little bit of investigating while i was doing my trade ins. as it turns out, gamestops have WAY MORE ps4 preorder spots to sell than it does xbox.
literally heard a worker say "weve been okayed to make 10 xbox preorders and 46 ps4 preorders"
another gamestop had xbox preorder capacity at 6 while PS4 was at 25 available.
tricky stuff.

NateCole1984d ago

That's really interesting

1. Could be X1 manufacturing issues i have been hearing

2. Gamespot pushing PS4 because of their stance on used games.

GraveLord1984d ago

You mean reservations/slots? PS4's aren't even being manufactured yet so there's no way your store got a "batch" of them.


of course thats what i mean. i would think that 'preorder' is pretty much a synonym for 'reservation' in this case. all stores only get the okay to take reserves up to a certain point, obviously. the amount of reserves sony okays for gamestop to take on ps4 is WAY MORE than the xbox one from what ive come across so far. definitely could be different depending on the store though. who knows.

GraveLord1984d ago

I wasn't talking to you Dub, I replied to DEEBO.

King-Prodigy-X1984d ago

PS4 will be the lead platform for next gen multiplats and Xbox Fanboy developers like Crytek will looks stupid for supporting Xbox Done.

TheFallenAngel1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Don't forget Respawn and the backstabbing Insomniac. What amazes me is that Ted Price said they weren't going to make exclusives for Sony anymore. Sony better not let them crawl back to them.

I really don't care for titanfall, it doesn't look that good to me. Insomniac is just a mediocre developer now. Hopefully Sony gives Rachet and Clank and Resistance to a better studio.

HammadTheBeast1984d ago

Insomniacs making terrible games now, Fuse was a flop and "they hope to continue that path" according to them.

Respawn I don't really mind Titanfall is definitely a timed exclusive, come on, its EA.

I'll be playing it on PC anyways, so much for exclusivity.

King-Prodigy-X1984d ago

Its going to be like a cheating husband crawling back to his wife who he just got divorced by. LOL!!!!

badz1491984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

you got it backwards! in this case, Sony is the husband!

I was surprised that Insomniac out of all devs was there and an exclusive too! don't they know that M$ fanboys have always talk them down like they are some mediocre dev?! have they not read comments downplaying R&C and Resistance?!

and I was like WTH Ted?? after your FUSE blunder, now THIS? I've been a loyal fan of Insomniac and have been getting ALL their games since the PS2 era minus FUSE! not because it's not exclusive, but because they abandoned their pride and identity which what Overstrike was all about for EA version of FUSE! I ain't supporting that CRAP, it's so not like you guys, Ted!

I love All4One and even Q-Force and not to mention R3 is for me THE BEST game of 2011 and it kills me that what you come out with next is FUSE! I still wish you guys all the best although Sunset Overdrive will be the next after FUSE that I'll not be getting but look at it...those enemies resemble the Chimera much? and the protagonist looks like the original main man of Overstrike. still haunted by what should have been eh?

cell9891984d ago

I still have hopes Ted and the Insomniac team come back to where they belong, back with their playstation family, where 90% of their fans await them

NateCole1984d ago

Backstabbing Inso?.

Dude let it be. They did great for Sony over the years. I respect their decision. In saying this though they really need to refocus because their quality is going down.

DJMarty1984d ago

Ted Price said we still have a strong relationship with Sony, and they are still going to do PS4 stuff, just they can't talk about it.

After all they are involved in Ratchet & Clank movie, bet we see a Ratchet movie tie in game.

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manny1up1984d ago

As a 360 owner Am opting for PS4 ..Micro$oft lost touch with it's loyal supporters (Gamers) ..Xboxone is DEAD on arrival ..

JW10801984d ago

manny1up. Welcome to the playstation family brother.

manny1up1984d ago

Thx alot Bro ..Microsoft Greed brought me here ! Lol

Funky Town_TX1984d ago

Anyone know the release date for BF4 on PS4?

King-Prodigy-X1984d ago

Whenever the PS4 launches this holiday.

Funky Town_TX1984d ago

Thanks will pre order ASAP...will cancel 360 pre order

elhebbo161984d ago

but BF4 comes out october 29th? are you saying they would hold on to the PS4 version till the console is released? god I dont remember this happening since the last generation transition.

King-Prodigy-X1984d ago

BF4 is launching on PS3, 360, & PC October 29 for current gen.

BF4 on PS4 & Xbox Done is launching whenever PS4 & Xbox Done is launching sometime in November.

MWong1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

According to Amazon it's release date is 10/29/13, but supposedly the PS4 is 11/26/13. Dunno, I know I pre-ordered; my PS4, BF4, Destiny, WatchDogs and AS IV today.

Amazon surprisingly has a better pre-order offer than GameStop for BF4 and WatchDogs.

DEEBO1984d ago

lol yeah fuse is crap.ted p like agent phil defected.but it's cool bro,let me know how that works out for them.

cell9891984d ago

Ted just like Phill, are just undercover, they are doing what they were commission to do, destroy the Xbox brand from within the core

Dark_Overlord1984d ago

If Phil Harrison is there to destroy MS, then Sony should be paying him a massive bonus for a job well done :D

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