Star Wars: Battlefront is "DICE's interpretation of what Battlefront should be"

EuroGamer: "Star Wars: Battlefront, the new Star Wars game announced during EA's E3 press conference earlier this week, is developer DICE's 'interpretation' of what the much-loved multiplayer-focused series should be.

That's according to EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund, who greenlit the project."

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SpinalRemains1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Suddenly I just felt every Battlefront fan cry out in horrible pain.

SilentNegotiator1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

While SW:BF undeniably was a response to Battlefield, it definitely had things that made it completely distinct in style.

Sigh...first the same director of Star Trek takes over the next Star Wars, then we get a Battlefield "interpretation" of Battlefront.

Star Wars creativity was plagued by an idiot with no idea what to do with it, and now it's plagued by idiots that are trying to make it like all of the similar IPs (instead of what it was in its prime).

This is why copyrights were never originally meant to be practically permanent. Ideas are meant to evolve. All because.... SUPRISE!!!!! ...Disney wanted to save Steamboat Friggin' Willy, we now have horrible copyright laws that make ideas belong to corporations for insane amounts of time.

coolasj1986d ago

They didn't say it would be Battlefield : Battlefront. DICE has said they want to reverse engineer the series and get to the core of what it's really about, and then rebuild from there.

SpinalRemains1986d ago

Yes coolasj,

That's exactly why we are afraid.

Blankolf1986d ago

Please DICE, don't disappoint me :'C

1986d ago
TheEvilWithin1986d ago

Well here comes a battlefield 4 clone... should of guessed. Its EA...

robavila951986d ago

DICE is making it, and to be honest, I think they are capable of delivering a proper feel to the game. After all, they've been listening to a lot of feedback and paying attention to the community lately.

TheEvilWithin1986d ago

Yea... sorry not putting ALL my eggs in one basket with EA or any developers under EA's watch just yet. I think EA needs to prove there selves again before I start thinking happy thoughts about the games coming from them.

elhebbo161986d ago

If they could make mirrors edge, which is nothing like BF, then I'm sure they can differentiate Battlefront with BF.

metsgaming1986d ago

DICE you better not mess this up, sure add a few things but at its core it better be Battlefront ! TPS priority, with fps option. Not the other way around and certainly not only fps. If you want to do that dont make a battlefront game.

MysticStrummer1986d ago

I agree, but this makes me think it's almost guaranteed to be 1st person.

M-M1986d ago

I've never played Battlefront, but shouldn't it be like it's predecessor, or made in the eyes of how fans want it to be?

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