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Xbox One or PS4? Buying means voting

With the next-generation consoles right around the corner, and this time around, gamers will have to make important choices that go beyond their personal preferences or favorite franchises. What will YOU choose? (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

Vinc360  +   777d ago
Let me know what you think, guys!
unworthy15  +   777d ago
I'm getting both eventually, but probably PS4 first depending on the launch titles.
Vinc360  +   777d ago
That may be my situation, but I'll need MS to backtrack on most of their policies... and on price.
Panthers  +   777d ago
Just pre-ordered a PS4 today and Gamestop promised me first day. I hope they keep that promise.
darthv72  +   777d ago
both for me as well
the order I get them in is depending on what launch title appeals to me most.

since right off the top I get a game as part of my membership.....
jmac53  +   777d ago
Preordered launch PS4 from Amazon and will eventually get a One after a price drop.
HammadTheBeast  +   777d ago
I’ve decided to preform a scientific experiment with regards to Cliffy B’s statements. I simulated the non-existent dude bro idiot by drinking heavily and smashing my head in my head in a car door until I could no longer remember my social security number or the scientific method. Unfortunately, I could still tell the difference between $400 and $500, and read the amazon page that listed CoD ghosts as coming to both 360 and PS3. Therefore I still have no reason to buy an XBone, or if I’m this hypothetical proto-idiot even a PS4.See, the “core” group that microsoft pissed off are the ones who get worked up about the whole console war thing, Billy McDouchehat who only plays x-box for CoD has no such brand loyalty. He just wants CoD and he doesn’t really care how he gets it. Microsoft is still going to get spanked by this unless they can either win back the “core” gamers or lower the price enough for people who don’t really care as much to buy the xbone over the PS4.
JokesOnYou  +   777d ago
X1 even more now that the used game restriction wont be a problem for me since my friends and family on the east coast can share games very easily.


micro is foolish to not promoting this sharing structure more after the used game mess. Aloo of people still dont know you can do this.

This plus the great games coming, cool features, xbox live community, all make the X1 alot more appealing to me.
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bobtheimpaler  +   777d ago
Me and my brother have our PS4s ordered.

Their policies are much better as they don't treat me as if I'm an idiot, a child and a criminal. And historically they just make the more varied and compelling exclusives.

The price, the policies and the more powerful hardware will also make it better for multi-platform titles.

For everything else me and my brother already have more than capable PCs.
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CyberSentinel  +   777d ago
I have already pre-ordered 2 PS4's. I can understand some forms of DRM, but taking games away from people or locking them out of offline play, just because they can't "authenticate" every 24 hours, is going to far. M$ should just go to an all digital model like steam, if they want to be this restrictive.

Sorry M$, I'm "jumping out".
MysticStrummer  +   777d ago

Not even close, though I have had to think about Sony's new policy to charge for online play. I'm good at justifying things though, and PS+ is definitely a really good value with all the games they either include or discount. Also, I like to take part in betas and PS+ members get in early. Having Drive Club as the first free game will be a bonus because I'm interested in it already anyway.

Right now, one of the games I'm most interested in is Planetside 2, which will be free and playable with or without PS+. Same goes for DC Universe Online, though I've already played the PS3 version so I know I like it. Even if I wasn't getting PS+ I'd buy a PS4 for single player games and play those two free SOE titles. I'm betting there will be more of those, and that Everquest will be one of them.

EDIT - Speaking of votes...

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360degrees  +   777d ago
This was truly a tough decision for myself, and after much deep thought and deliberation I have decided to place my hard earned cash towards a pre order for the Xbox One. The features, fantastic video game lineup, and incredible Kinect innovation simply make it too difficult to pass up at its current price point. Also, after viewing the admirable showing by Nintendo, I may be persuaded to acquire a WiiU should the possibility of a price drop present itself. Furthermore, in regards to the ps4, I believe it has huge potential for the future, but currently I feel I can gain more from the Xbox Ones features, not to mention actual playing time with it's highly anticipated exclusive announced line up. My ps3 will have to suffice for all of my playstation needs until possibly after the holiday season once the often hectic end of the year rush has concluded.
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TheDarpaChief  +   777d ago
All of the games were third party! as in on ps4 aswell. Damn illusion got to 360Dergees
Themba76  +   777d ago
kinect sux never owned own never will. it's a useless gimmick for flailing your arms around just stupid.
WalterWJR  +   777d ago

You are starting to sound like a robot, how much do you get paid?
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johnnywit  +   777d ago
I. Have to thank MS because after watching there Xbone reveal and E3 they made choosing my next gen console much easier. Ps4 for me.
THE-COMMANDER  +   777d ago
PS4 all the way!
unworthy15  +   777d ago
I'll get the one which has the best games. That's all it comes down to, not which one has the best policies, though that's a nice bonus.
Vinc360  +   777d ago
I'd say policies are at least as important as games to most people. For example, I'd never get the Xbox One version of a game OVER the PS4 version right now, simply because the PS4 version allows me to do more things and has more value by default. Supporting the right policies has a huge impact on the future of the industry, if you want to make a difference, it's important to look past trivial things, though I understand not everyone likes the same thing. If Halo is really important to you and you can't go without it, definitely get the Xbox, but why would you do such a thing if what you play is third party games, for example?
unworthy15  +   777d ago
Well that's your opinion.
bobtheimpaler  +   777d ago
Exactly. If I was a fan of the xbox one. The best you can do for everyone including yourself, is to wait until they change their policies. It's got nothing to do with system fanboyism. It's for the sake of our hobby - gaming. Consoles are not PCs. And not all PC games have DRM.

The Witcher Series for example. CD Project is very outspoken against DRM and if I wanted to I could lend those games to a friend. Why would I buy the series on xbone with all it's restriction when there's a superior version without such restrictions available.
BananaEatingSquid  +   777d ago
I can't really respect Microsoft for their Xbox One policies right now. I might get the Xbox One ONE day, but I'm hoping they change these policies.

And wow the console's name feels awkward to say sometimes.
Vinc360  +   777d ago
It doesn't quite roll off the tongue.
unworthy15  +   777d ago
I like the name, not sure why people hate it. It's certainly better than Xbox Loop.
legionsoup  +   777d ago
At this point, we have to fight the policy of Xbox One and MS. Why? Because supporting it with $$ shows them it's okay to do these things. It tells them they can continue to do these things.

Also...Infamous Second Son. :)
Conzul  +   777d ago
'Nuff said, right?
BananaEatingSquid  +   777d ago
PS4 or Xbox One? Is this even a question? PS4!
Vinc360  +   777d ago
I'm with you on this one. But I really want MS to improve, nobody wants a monopoly in any industry, it's always a bad thing.
Testfire  +   777d ago
Sony leaned from mistakes with the early years of PS3, hopefully MS learns from the mistakes it's making right now and improves soon. This is exactly why we need competition, without it companies do whatever they want with no consequence.
StuffofLegend  +   777d ago
Yes dude, I like my Sony, but for the sake of the market, it sucks that MS has shot themselves in the foot.
unworthy15  +   777d ago
It's a question for everyone.
BananaEatingSquid  +   777d ago
Just look around the internet for a while... certainly more people fancy the PS4 over the Xbox One ;)
NegativeCreepWA  +   777d ago
Good thing some of us think for ourselves.

While I willing getting both eventually, I'll be the XB0 first, because I prefer MS controllers and XBL.
BananaEatingSquid  +   777d ago
I thought both systems showed off some pretty great games at E3. I particularly liked MGS V being shown off at Microsoft's, though I'm going to get it on PS4 anyway.

Being a fan of Indie games also makes the PS4 more attractive in my eyes.
StuffofLegend  +   777d ago
My thoughts, if MGS V had ended up being X1 exclusive, I would have gritted my teeth and bought that console.
StuffofLegend  +   775d ago
@vlon, what does that have to with anything. I prefer to get it on ps4, but if it had been X1 exclusive, then I would have had to buy that shitty X1
BananaEatingSquid  +   777d ago
Oh yeah, I've already got my PS4 pre-ordered! I'm so ready for this. Bring it on.
Snookies12  +   777d ago
PS4. They're not trying to take away my rights. Not to mention it's more powerful than the One at a lower cost.
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Panthers  +   777d ago
Infamous SS is really all I need come launch too. Game looks soooo slick. And Watchdog.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   777d ago
I guarantee you if Playstation 4 kills the Xbox One in sales, an update for the console will be released to negate the console's restrictions. The pressure shall also make alot of developers re-evaluate their current views on used games.
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WickedLester  +   777d ago
I don't see how they can do that, especially in light of the fact that the Xbone requires full installation of all of their titles and no disk requirement after that. If they suddenly lifted their pre owned restrictions, it would be a shit storm of rent, install, return. Buy, install return or trade in. Publishers would be irate over that! At that point MS would almost have to go to an all digital format and cut physical media out completely.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   777d ago
I see. So I guess the captain will have no choice to go down with the ship. Thanks for the info.
BabyTownFrolics  +   777d ago
I'm getting both, I,ve been gaming on both the consoles since the ps2 and the original Xbox
mitchell1188  +   777d ago
Just pre-ordered my PS4 at GameStop for day one pick up. I'm not gonna talk trash on Xbox but I will say to each his own and I wish every true gamer a wonderful launch.
metsgaming  +   777d ago
PS4, no brainer.
FFXI101  +   776d ago
Yes, however, hardcore fans will still support their favorite company and products. Some of my friends said Sony did great job at E3 and PS4 looks really cool, "BUT" they are still going to get the xbone day one not PS4.

Now I'm a Sony fan myself since the PS1, and even if I'm not a fan just a gamer, I'd still pick PS4 for it's price, feature and used game policy.
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HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   777d ago
I think is obvious PS4 will win this battle
ZombieGamerMan  +   777d ago
I implore everyone who is considering to buy an Xbox One to just wait, at the moment supporting MS & the Xbox One will lead to a darker future for gaming as other companies will adopt these policies if they see MS be successful.

Wait until MS sees that they made a mistake with the Xbox One and release a system that will be consumer friendly.
level 360  +   777d ago
PS4 - I'll gladly and wholeheartedly put my money on one.

XBox ONE - will wait, do more research and get more feedback about Microsoft's strict policies.
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SITH  +   777d ago
Xbox one day one.
BuffMordecai  +   777d ago
PS4 and Wii U. I will not support the bastard son of gaming.
gamingisnotacrime  +   777d ago
I see the xbox one as a great console, but the restrictions killed it for me. I enjoy my ps360 combo and was looking forward to another power couple. As things are right now, ps4 only for me.
CrossingEden  +   777d ago
no buying does not mean voting!!!! ITS NOT A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!
True_Samurai  +   777d ago
Xbox One
OutLaw  +   777d ago
Maybe it could be answered here... Best Buy online just updated my Pre-Order for the PS4 from Dec 31st (which I know is a place holder) to November 30th. I was just wondering if anybody else ordered online from them and got the same email.
SITH  +   777d ago
Xbox one has a date of November 30 also. I think it is just a place holder, especially when call of duty has a release date of 05/11/2013. I am guessing the release date will be near the beginning of November for both next gen consoles.
OutLaw  +   777d ago
Thank you for the response
BattleTorn  +   777d ago
xREAPERxACTUAL  +   777d ago
Pre-ordered my Xbox One Day One Edition at Best buy lol can't wait for next gen!!
UNGR  +   777d ago
Both, because I'm a gamer. Not a fanboy that picks sides. I don't plan on missing out on any exclusives.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   777d ago
Apparently gamers are only measured by how much they can afford rather than what they want. It's comments like this with enforces the stigmas floating around the term.

Nothing wrong with buying both but no need to call names.
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UNGR  +   777d ago
No, no it's not. Gamers can afford it, they're just denying it because of policies. Completely different. If you can't afford everything that's ok, if you can (which a lot can) and you stick to one console then you're just a dumb fanboy.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   777d ago
Supporting policies that bottleneck what you can do what your game after purchase, rendering console game purchases into a 60 dollar keycode and potentially limiting releases into other countries because of this?

But only in the game industry could this crap would be propagated. I would love to see this practice occur for movies and books. The global uproar would be gargantuan......
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dethpuck  +   777d ago
Getting both consoles screw the fanboy crap.

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