1UP Reviews Critter Crunch

1UP writes: "Most puzzle games don't even bother with a premise rooted in reality. In Tetris, blocks disappear simply because they complete a line. In Bejeweled, three adjacent gems of a similar color wink out of existence. Critter Crunch, however, uses charming and brightly colored animation to give life to a brilliantly natural concept -- the food chain.

You play as a toothy frog/lizard monster who slurps up tiny creatures that descend in rows from jungle vines. Small creatures are fed to medium ones, and medium creatures are fed to larger ones. When they're overfed, they pop, taking out nearby similarly colored critters. Throw in some bomblike animals, impenetrable brick guys, and a handful of edible power-ups like watermelons and garlic, and you've got the trappings of an ingenious puzzler".

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