E3 2013: DICE Has No Bandwidth for Battlefield: Bad Company 3

IGN: Would DICE ever outsource Battlefield's best series, given that it doesn't have the manpower to handle it in Stockholm?

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Intentions1564d ago

They need more sub-studios for Dice then :D

Omar911564d ago

:'( I was looking forward to play BF:BC3 in the near future.

wastedcells1564d ago

With BF4, Mirrors Edge 2 and battlefront all being developed there I'm glad they chose to wait. It may happen one day when they can focus on it.

coolasj1564d ago

DICE is busssyyyyyyy. They will do what they need to do when they can do it.

gazgriff2k121563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

just make a bad company co op campaign expansion pack and make sure the next game you release is 2143. also day z style zombie mode and a Jurassic park type dino mode for battlefield 4 would be sweet