IGN review of King's Knight [virtual console]

Lucas M. Thomas writes for IGN:
"Square Enix's lip-service support of the Virtual Console has earned us another stinker from the RPG masters' backlog of non-RPGs. King's Knight is a poor substitute for the old-school role-playing experiences we could be getting instead, but the company seems solidly set on a strategy of simply remaking those old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games again and again, and is unlikely to ever damage their own bottom line by re-releasing the original versions of those adventures for just five bucks. Still, we can hold on to hope that it might happen someday – the potential that a masterpiece like Chrono Trigger might one day arrive in the Wii Shop seems just a little bit better every time something else from Square shows up there, even if it is comparative junk like this too-tough shooter."

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