1UP Reviews Octomania

1UP writes: "Call me crazy, but octopi don't immediately spring to mind when I think of arcade puzzle games. Yet here they are, taking the place of the colored glassy bubbles we're so used to seeing in other puzzlers. The punnily named Octomania has you rotating the cutesy red, blue, yellow, green -- you get the picture -- cephalopods around a grid as more periodically drop in from above. The point is, as always, to keep your grid from filling up: Too many octopuses equal inky death (or food coma). But unlike in Puyo Puyo or Magical Drop -- or most any other ball-based arcade puzzlers, for that matter -- matching three of a kind won't get the job done.

Keeping with the flimsy marine theme -- most of the oddball characters and cartoony stages have little to nothing to do with sea creatures -- numbered nets are periodically scattered around the puzzle grid. Putting the stated number of same-colored octopi into the net turns them into a puff of smoke, giving you a short time to chain other same-colored octopi into the smoke for a combo".

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