Jumping Out: Why We're Currently Not in the Market for the Xbox One

SuperPhillip Central writes, "We know what you're thinking. It's cool to hate on Microsoft right now. Well, if they didn't make it so easy to, then there probably wouldn't be a problem. Similar to Sony in 2006, it is quite easy to criticize Microsoft currently. However, unlike the situation with Sony, where we were making fun of Sony in the process and laughing at them, we're simply pissed off at Microsoft. No laughs are being had. This is SuperPhillip Central's short rant on Microsoft's past consoles, their present situation, and the future that is the Xbox One."

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hellvaguy1949d ago

Well the Xbone design is pretty fugly making it laughable. So you could always roll with that one. (In fairness, the Ps4 is fugly too).