Sony Commissions Awesome Custom Made PS3s For Devs: Grand Theft Auto V, BioShock Infinite, More

With E3 wrapping up, Adam Boyes has been very busy on his Twitter account today, showing off a bunch of different (and awesome) custom made PS3s based off of various big-name titles.

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TrendyGamers1685d ago

I want all of them! But that Assassin's Creed one is pretty unique and cool.

HammadTheBeast1684d ago

Sometimes it takes more than money to get devs on your side.


titletownrelo1684d ago

These custom consoles put the bundled paint jobs of the 360 to extreme shame, lol

knifefight1685d ago

They should release those to the market. Even just a couple hundred of each. You could serious cash for those.

Oldman1001684d ago

Here's the n4g account of the guy who created these:

LackTrue4K1684d ago

really?? he made all of them, his got alot of creativity if he did. :)

Alexander241684d ago

I think the Bungie one is the best, they all look amazing though.

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