1UP Reviews Opoona

1UP writes: "Opoona, Koei's novel new role-playing game for Wii, is also the name of its oddball hero -- an alien boy from the planet Tizia, whose inhabitants look like rejects from a geometry textbook (round heads, bowl-shaped bodies, and possessing a spherical "Bonbon" that floats above or below their bodies). When Opoona's family spaceship is attacked, he and his siblings are separated from their parents and crash-land on the planet Landroll.

From there, the kids are more or less put to work by the state. Or it seems to come off that way at the start, at least. Growing up against your will is one of the underlying themes of the game, as Opoona and his siblings try to carve out a niche in order to earn money so they can see their parents again -- and, predictably, to find out more about their legendary ancestry. Opoona works as a Ranger, assigned to various enemy-exterminating jobs, though other quests open up later, like room-service duty at a hotel".

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