Microsoft’s E3 Conference: The Good, The Bad & The Absent.

Well the dust is still settling over the Los Angeles Convention Center after E3's battle of the conferences, as Microsoft sought to lay to rest gamer’s fears about the Xbox One whilst Sony looked to drive home their advantage. We’ll come to comparing the two conferences later, but for now let’s have a look at how Microsoft’s conference stands up on its own.

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iGAM3R-VIII1986d ago

Wait... Why is the word 'good' in the title, I thought there was no 'good'.

IanVanCheese1986d ago

Lol there was plenty good, the games. Sadly there was plenty bad too...

Wagz221986d ago

Good: Games
Bad: DRM, no used games, Price
Absent: Your rights and privacy

georgeenoob1986d ago

Lol so a dozen hardcore exclusives announced for Xbox One isn't good? Fanboy detected.

aviator1891986d ago

Game-wise, I actually think ms did a great job with their conference. I would imagine most of the negativity being stemmed from their failure to reverse their stance on used games and the 24-hour check-ins.

SpiderMullen1986d ago

The only thing I got genuinely buzzed about was Titanfall, even that's not really much to do with Microsoft themselves.

Did very little finger snapping "Ohhh yeeaah." during MS's conference this year.

IanVanCheese1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Same, but I did more than I did at Sony's. They laid some smack talk down but at the end of the day high school level sass won't make me buy your console. A good console with good games will. Sony have the first half, still waiting on the second though.

Microsoft have the games, but the console needs some fixing. Looks like I'm going PC for a while :p

RiPPn1986d ago

Almost everything shown gameplay wise was a multiplat. Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Killer Instinct were flub and not system selling by any means.

But no matter what they showed, nothing is worth the policies and funding the arrogant people running the Xbox division.

sashimi1986d ago

The good: focus on games

The bad: everything else

BoNeSaW231986d ago

Focus on games? That would mean focused on Gamers which microsoft is not.

Fireseed1986d ago

Found myself literally screaming from pure excitement at the Killer Instinct trailer.

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