Ubisoft's The Crew Sets the Next Gen Graphics Bar Extremely High

TG writes: Ubisoft has revealed their launch video and screenshots for their next gen title "The Crew". What did we think about it?

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ftwrthtx1983d ago

Incredible graphics. The PS4 can't get here soon enough.

wastedcells1983d ago

Ya man...good times are coming. Glad ubi is all over ps4 and using it as its lead platform. Apparently all ubi's gameplay demos were running on ps4 hardware at the show.

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Qrphe1983d ago

DriveClub still looks better. It's unfortunate that they used a CG trailer to open up with the game.

--Onilink--1983d ago

very VERY different type of games

wastedcells1983d ago

Agree this game is unique. Closest thing to it is probably NFS... Kinda. But with drive club coming on ps plus and a new need for speed probably on launch day with drive club I will have to pass. Maybe catch the sequel if there is one.

steven83r1982d ago

Ya different games but the article didn't say The Crew sets graphics bar for Arcade racers high. So it's a fair comparison. Played both and still enjoy DriveClub more. Need For Speed was also way better than The Crew. I was disappointed in The Crew once the video went into what the game is like and not what it seemed it would be like in the CG trailer. You know racing around and people meeting up to help. Turned into a chase this guy down, run him off the road, race to here first kinda game.

Jamaicangmr1983d ago

I agree that killed the game for me. I saw the CGI and thought OMG! then i saw the actual game and it just ruined it for me.

This day and age CGI should be done with, optimize ur engine.

UNGR1983d ago

I like pretty things but lets make the gameplay the focus for next gen please.

Destrania1983d ago

What?! No, the bar is set by the real-time PS4 tech demo The Dark Sorceror. Driveclub looks better than this as well, Driveclub looks literally real.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1983d ago

agreed. Game looks impressive but Driveclub looks better. But if we're talking about setting bars i give it to the division. Ubisoft isn't playing around anymore on the graphics front. But honestly so many games had such good graphics this e3 it's hard to give to any one. But the division really stood out to me for some reason.

theWB271983d ago

The devs stated this game takes 2 hours to get from coast to coast. That's setting a bar for openworld racers and for it to look as decent as it does.

Destrania1983d ago

I agree Ubioft isn't messing around next-gen. The Division does look fantastic. It said at the beginning of the demo they showed at the Sony conference that it was powered by 'Snow Drop' (new engine?)

steven83r1982d ago

And its amazing what they did with The Dark Sorcerer. I got to see the extended demo at E3 and the developer stopped it in the end and showed us it's not pre rendered by moving the camera, turning off texture on character, turning off background, lighting. And stated this demo is the worst they will be able to do on PS4. And they are hitting CG quality of 5 years ago and development just started. Amazing.

Destrania1982d ago

Yeah, I agree, it really is amazing.

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