GT5: Best video of the Ferrari F1

F2007 Suzuka in-game replay (direct download)
You can watch it on your PS3.

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wulan3712d ago

GT5P is completely sold out in FRANCE/UK/GERMANY/ITALY /SPAIN/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND and rest of PAL regions

I expect PS3 HW sales to jump 300/400% next week in europe and it should be a permanent boost

Lord Anubis3712d ago

to be honest i'm completely surprised at how well GT5 Prologue is doing. I did expected it to sell a million but it looks like it will probably triple that.

sonarus3712d ago

i am not. I have been saying it for a while now. GT5 is the most underrated system seller there is. It is hard to associate a racer as a system seller so i guess that is why it is so. But a title that easily sells 10 million each go what do you expect seriously.

Lord Anubis3712d ago

i don't mean the GT series just the prologue (demo) of gt 5.

sonarus3712d ago

well with online play and such gorgeous graphics it is hard to resist. To really get gamers to dive into prologue sony needs to offer more incentive besides just stats. Like maybe discounts on DLC or better yet free DLC for life or something. 40 dollars is very pricey and considering how well this game will do, i think sony can afford it.

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azzam3712d ago

Any problem with site? or just for me ?

Lord Anubis3712d ago

if you have quicktime installed in your computer and you should be able to display it.