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Next-Gen: 'I'm Tired Of Shooting People' Claims Payday 2 Dev

NowGamer: "With so many developers keen to talk next-gen at E3 this year, few of them seem to do so as honestly as David Goldfarb, game director on Payday 2.

Where most developers praised next-gen's graphical capabilities or connectivity, Goldfarb simply hopes for new experiences. He's sick of shooting things, he tells us." (E3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

M-M  +   413d ago
The FPS market has become saturated ever since developers have been trying to follow COD's lead or make the "COD killer".
Majin-vegeta  +   413d ago
I agree we need a repeat of last gen.Less pew pew and more variety.
Flipgeneral  +   412d ago
Word, my brother!
Diffraction_Fos  +   412d ago
I can't believe I used to think FPS was the best genre. Now I can't stand them anymore, and I wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole. I'm just so f**king tired of generic arcade shooters.
RavageX  +   412d ago
I'd love for a return of RPG greatness. Back in the day(PS2) I swear we were practically tripping over RPGs.
justncase  +   412d ago
Filthy Games
AMEN and the cussing is unreal.. I just wont to play some good fun games, all the games out there and the what they call big release's are shooting killing cussing.. I think i'm going back to Nintendo wii u
BoNeSaW23  +   412d ago
You had me until wii u.
Sketchy_Galore  +   412d ago
This guy will become famous as the guy who finally stood up and called for more interesting experiences in games....until the police find the bodies and we all find out he wasn't talking about videogames.
RFornillos4  +   412d ago
same here... used to love COD, BF and practically most FPS... but now, i find too meh... i still play them, but not so much as before.

although i still love shooters, now i prefer the ones that let me think like tactical shooters, or RPGs like Mass Effect or Deus Ex. lately, i've also been going back to RPGs like Fire Emblem Awakening, and Tales of the Abyss; and also surprisingly, loving the Resident Evil Revelations compared to the RE5 and RE6. on top of that, I enjoy laid back games that lets me simply enjoy like Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario vs. DK Minis on the Move.
BattleAxe  +   412d ago
Clearly this developer hasn't been playing Killzone or battlefield, because the next games for both of these franchises are going to be so awesome. I'll be playing shooters for years to come!

On another note, I probably wouldn't buy a shooter like Payday2 when the developer seems so uninspired.
fsfsxii  +   412d ago
PayDay the heist made me return to the shooters genre, that game is awesome. I stopped playing shooters ever since EA got greedy with BF3 and made the rent server crap. hated the game ever since.
Jagsrock  +   412d ago
Yep even a lot of these so called new IP's are simply just shooters with a different cast of characters and the same shoot cover and shoot some more gameplay.
weekev15  +   412d ago
You make a great point. Reminds me of a recent Miyamoto iinterview where someone queried why Nintendo bash out the same IPs this was his response

"So this is actually a discussion that I think is tricky to balance, and certainly internally at Nintendo we have people on the teams who say, “Wouldn’t this be better if we created a new IP around it?” But to me, the question of new IP really isn’t whether or not [you have a new character]… I look at it from [the perspective of] what is the gameplay experience in the game you’re playing? For a lot of people, they would say if you take an old game and wrap a new character around it, that’s a new IP, but that game is still old, and the experience is still old. So what we’re doing is we’re always looking at what type of new gameplay experience can we create, and that’s the same for whether we’re playing with one of our existing IPs or we’re doing something new."

Full interview here

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