FIFA 14 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live - E3 2013

IGN:We dribble, pass and shoot our way through EA Sports' best selling franchise.

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THamm1948d ago

That X1 is bigger than that guy

Belking1948d ago

Looks like FIFA 13 with better clothing physics.

2pacalypsenow1948d ago

I hope they update Barcas new Uni's

PygmelionHunter1948d ago

I personally don't like the new look, but it's always good to play with the latest kits, I guess.

6DEAD6END61948d ago

Xbox One should be called the BFB( Big Fucking Box ) lol.

Belking1948d ago

What about PSB (PSBore)

6DEAD6END61948d ago

Naw I like mine better lol.