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Sony press conference: Game over for Microsoft or just over hyped?

GamesFiends' staff writers have a candid chat about the Sony press conference and the news about Xbox One in a series of conversational emails threads posted for readers to enjoy. (Culture, E3, PS4, Xbox One)

Majin-vegeta  +   852d ago
To that adam clown guy its $50 a year not $60 get your info right.*facepalm*
moosehound  +   852d ago
Yeah that was the GBP to USD rough guess ;) He guessed at £40 being $60 ;)
DxTrixterz  +   852d ago
It's game over for Microsoft. There is no overhyping. It's a fact. Microsoft destroyed themselves.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   852d ago
Tactically it was near flawless.

They started out with - Hey guys, check out vita, we're still supporting it and here is why it's great.

Then quickly on to a short bit about TV and apps.Just enough to drive home the message that hey, we can do it all too - and better.

Show the consoles, looks sleek.

Parade of indies on stage.Even some small, two man teams that would never in their dreams thought they'd get a chance to be on stage for one of the big three got up there, and showed their games to millions.You just have to look at the indie scene the last few days to see that that move resonated loudly.

Games games games

Address the massive elephant in the room about DRM - with chants and standing ovations

$399 price point

Bungie of all people, on stage, showing their new game.Just perfect.A lot of xbox fans love bungie like PS fans love naughty dog.To see them up there might be enough to take a good hard second look at playstation.

The only thing that made no sense was the 2k basketball bit.I mean really, what the hell was that about?

Anyways, looking forward to TGS and gamescom.So many games yet to be revealed!
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Neoninja  +   852d ago
Does the link not work for anyone else? Whenever I click it it says website unreachable.
moosehound  +   852d ago
Website got swamped thanks to this, the last of us review and a few other articles - it should be OK now tho :)
Neoninja  +   852d ago
+bubs Thanks Moose appreciate it!
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   852d ago
Supporting Sony but being subjective isn't allowed, gotcha.
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Mikelarry  +   852d ago
i am actually being honest but you seem to have some inside info about the going ons in ms about " killers games and price drops" what makes you think sony wont match them / surpass them. you know sony does not even need to do anything ms is doing all the leg work for sony.

Edit:your name means nothing to me,your post is what matters. you made a comment i wanted to you to back up your post, its called a discussion

edit 2: dont change your comment now, its a discussion you can be as subjective as you want. you just needed to back up your claims

edit 3: yeah and sony will match. i mean its a competition to get consumers if sony sees microsoft trying to win all the consumers back with great games and price drops do you really think sony will tie thier hands and let microsoft win, hell nooooo
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   852d ago
Huh? Did you even read my name? I was the 1st comment on the PS4 price drop story and had over 300 agrees saying it was game over. The PS4 is in a great place and Sony just needs to maintain status quo to be #1 for the next 10 years. I'm not buying an Xbox one, I pre-ordered a PS4 a minute after it was announced.

I'm just not foolish enough to underestimate the foolishness of consumers in America. They'll buy anything, unfortunately lots of stupid people live here.
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   852d ago
Back up what? lol I didn't claim anything, I was talking in generalities. All I said was Sony has a good head start but Microsoft isn't DOA and needs some killer games and a price drop. Because they haven't made any new friends or kept pre-existing ones and America is stupid. I'm not really sure what you want to "discuss?"

It's called being subjective.
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BelieveinGhosts  +   852d ago
Over hyped, just wait and see.
Akuma2K  +   852d ago
Over hyped huh ??

We all know which console will have more gamers playing it come launch day, best beleive it won't be Xbox none.
marcelliuss1  +   852d ago
Well if gamers are not playing the X1, they sure as hell won't be playing the PS Bore...lol
marcelliuss1  +   852d ago
I agree Sony's conference was extremely over hyped. The show was a disaster before it even started. They had all day to get themselves together and still stared a half hour late. The presentation was boring as hell. They showed a bunch of trailers with very little to no gameplay, and when they did show gameplay the Ps4 froze to the point where it was unplayable so they had to skip to a new game. The only good thing Sony felt they had was to take cheap shots at Microsoft so they could stop the bleeding. How can everybody sit here and say Sony won when they didn't show anything worth playing. They only games that caught my eyes was Final fantasy and kingdom hearts and those two will appear on the X1 also.
BelieveinGhosts  +   852d ago
My thoughts exactly, Sony's presentation was a snooze fest. Even nintendo would have done much better. Only final fantasy impressed me. Killzone looked lethargic and infamous was more of thesame. When i saw Sony Santa Monica, i was hoping for a new God of War announcement so that Kratos can blow us away but they showed the order 1886 which was all CGI.
People should be extremely worried that Assassins CreedBlack flag froze and crashed live and Destiny froze but luckily recovered. This could spell hardware problems that people are ingoring because of their blind loyalty. Instead they choose to spread falls rumours about Xbox One downclocking which Major Nelson has denied.

Also a lot of gamers are clueless about the power of both the PS4 and Xbox One. On paper, the PS4's GDDR5 might look impressive but in reality, Xbox One's Cloud compute will unleash the true potential of the Xbox One.

This is why the master: Hideo Kojima is alining himself with Xbox One this time around. Go and look at interviews of Hideo Kojima from when MGS 4 was released, he was dissappointed with Sony's false promises about the power of the CELL. This time Kojima has learnt from the past and knows that Xbox One's cloud technology offers infinte possibilities only limted by the imagination of developers.

I also heard earlier today that Sony's head Yoshida is now claiming that the PS4 can use thesame cloud technology that Xbox One offers.

This is absolute bullshit and pure lies. Sony simply does not have the infastructure to support 300,000 servers that are used to power cloud computing. Microsft is the best software company in the world and full of brilliant minds. They know the ins and outs of stuff like this and were already implementing it before the announcement of the Xbox One. Sony was the best hardware company before the korean companies e.g samsung, LG, came on the seen.

Only cloud technology that Sony has is Gaika which is impressive too but for totally different reasons. Microsoft could have easily provided backwards compatibilty in the form of something similar to Gaikai but they bet there money in cloud computing. While Sony bet their money in cloud enabled backwards compatibilty.

The way i see it, if Microsofts Cloud technology unlocks its full potential, Sony will be forced to release the PS5 in order to compete.

Xbox One is future proof already, this explains the high price, TV pass through and used game polices. PS4 is not future proof but that is understandable because of Sony's immediate financial situation. This also explains why the PS4 is basically a high end PC unlike the PS3 that was nothing like we had ever seen before, a technological marvel.
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Mikelarry  +   852d ago
i mean if everyone. from gamers to publishers and media outlet saying sony won e3 there must be some truth to it. the only people who think otherwise are microsoft themselves and like 12 of thier fans who keep buying and canceling thier preorders so the numbers go up
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SpinalRemains  +   852d ago
Considering there are only 24 million gold accounts and 77 millions units sold, how many units are replacements?

MS is definitely doomed.

They had a years Headstart and still had half the install base of PS3

There is no way in hell it can compete now, with a weaker system, same launch date, and nanny poppins checking in daily.

Its impossible
gnothe1  +   852d ago
spinal remains...you do know that article got its stats from 2010...an you still think its 24 million?
SpinalRemains  +   852d ago
You caught me. I was spreading bad Intel.

How many gold accounts are there now?
gnothe1  +   852d ago
i had no idea..but i can tell you its more than that...
mochachino  +   852d ago
I don't know anyone that wants an Xone but I'm sure many will. I'd say a really really bad start, but a price cut could change everything.

A lot of it is probably existing 360 owners that have been totally rp'd by MS all gen but took it because for so many years PS3 multiplats looked/ran worse, and it's controller was lacking in the trigger department, online and OS was lacking, etc. PS3 really came up in the last couple years but by then most already had established game collections and friends, etc.

Now everything Xone does PS4 can do better and cheaper so what's the point of Xone. Well, except to switch between TV and gaming with hand gestures, but who the buys a new console, gets home and starts watching TV in a "new" way. No gamer ever.
marcelliuss1  +   852d ago
Well I do. I watch tv all the time,especially when I'm taking a break from gaming. I think the feature that has been implemented in to the X1 are pretty coo. I don't event have to touch a remote control to switch between the game and my tv, I just say a command and it snaps right to it. When I'm ready to get back to gaming I just do the same with no problem.
ylwzx3  +   852d ago
Survey from Amazon says.............


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