Metal Gear Online Confirmed For MGSV

"Hideo Kojima has been hard at work clarifying all of our questions with Metal Gear Solid V, and it seems that the return of Metal Gear Online is sure to make die-hard fans of the franchise very happy."-PSU

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WorldGamer2006d ago

This might be good. I had fun with their first attempt with MGO. It was a bit rough around the edges, but at least they tried something new. Bring it on.

ReconHope2006d ago

No Konami IDs please.

If not than hallelujah because MGO was actually fun.

dedicatedtogamers2006d ago

MGO on MGS3 and MGS4 was a ton of goofy fun.

What blows my mind is two words Kojima says: "vast multiplayer". Are we going to have something similar to GTA4's open-world multiplayer? Oh. My. Goodness.

Donnieboi2006d ago

Any open world portion would likely be co-op. By MGO, I think of the traditional smaller map-based team-on-team battles.

I would love to see open-world for Team Sneaking (or any sneaking modes in general) and map-based close-quarter maps for traditional modes like TDM.

Open world for TDM would be odd. But open world for team sneaking would be epic. Hopefully they have both (like think of Battlefield: It has large maps, which makes it easier to infiltrate the enemy camp--yet has smaller, confined area's for TDM to ramp up the action).

PurpHerbison2006d ago

I could get on board with that.

squallheart2006d ago

WOO HOOO i loved mgo so much fun that game was apart from the glitchers lol. Oh please dont let them change the gaming mechanics into call of duty ;-;

Donnieboi2006d ago

I hope the traditional modes are not open world (like TDM). But I can see Team Sneaking mode working in open world since it would be similar to the campaign.

GodlyPanda1172006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Open world, anyone?

Edit: Ninja'd by LightofDarkness :P

Transporter472006d ago

You better not make us register it separately in order to access multiplayer that Konami ID god....

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The story is too old to be commented.