Microsoft defends Xbox One: 'Digital is better'

Microsoft Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi said he is not surprised the way people have reacted to Microsoft's moves with the Xbox one: "kind of as we expected"...

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Moonman2009d ago

These dudes are insane...i'm convinced! :)

Relientk772009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Only logical thing I can think of lol

They lost their minds

edit @ below: yeah, I guess secret agent Phil's doing a pretty good job lol

Shadow Flare2009d ago

I can think of another

The name's Harrison. Agent Phil Harrison

LightofDarkness2009d ago

That's why we haven't heard anything about Rockstar's Agent: it's based on a true story, and the ending is right around the corner...

darthv722009d ago

but then there is the disadvantage of you cant look at a collection of digital purchases on a shelf.

On the flip side, you cant look at a collection of digital albums or movies on the shelf either. No doubt the future is digital but the way MS is pushing is not the right way to motivate people to accept it.

they have to be woooed, courted...slowly (george takei voice)

from the beach2009d ago

Day one downloads - all your games on your Xbox One - and the killer feature: share your entire game library with 10 other people.

Better is putting it mildly.

HammadTheBeast2009d ago

"We're not surprised"

OK then....

pompombrum2009d ago

"Day one downloads - all your games on your Xbox One - and the killer feature: share your entire game library with 10 other people. "

Or buy the psychical product on the ps4 and get this... share it with an infinite number of people *gasp*

darthv722009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I think the term you are looking for is "loan" not share. sharing implies both you and another party can partake of what is being shared.

If you buy the physical game then you can only loan it to that infinite number of people and when you no longer have it in your possession.

and you would be waiting a long time before you got it back considering you just loaned it to an infinite number of people.

Maybe you are better off telling them to go buy their own copy instead?

Army_of_Darkness2009d ago

So sweet of you to support and share your games with 10 other people... I on the otherhand am kinda selfish and will only share with a couple people, then sell the game after I'm bored with it! Heheh!

pompombrum2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Well I've been doing it that way for so many years now that I've lost count, I don't think "loaning" them my disc really bothers me much. Just like I'm going to loan my ps3 to my friend next week once I've completed The Last of Us.. in fact I actually have a waiting list of friends who want to borrow my ps3 so they can play that game.

I see what you're getting at though and what Microsoft are doing is pretty cool but wouldn't it be a lot cooler if I could share my game both digitally and psychically? So that way my friends who have more important priorities in life than getting their consoles connected (yes they do exist and no they don't live under a rock on Mars) could enjoy the games too? That way everyone wins.

indysurfn2009d ago

Am I the only person that noticed that he is basically substituting his marketing term 'digital world' with cloud based. Isn't cloud based catch phrase enough for him? Of course it is, he does not want us to think of it as cloud because we realize instantly that we don't have control over cloud based.

I'm on to you Marketing vp!

Everything is digital!!! Hello, we have not been analog since cassette tapes!! (don't worry if you don't know what those are it was before you where born, but after the dinosaurs where extinct).

We are not MISSING the 'digital world'
and taking ownership away from us does not make us miss a iota of the 'digital world'. In fact PSN and xbox arcade right NOW are what his digital world is, not to mention steam and online app stores. So I call BS once again.
stop insulting our intelligence, your audience is of geeks not of grandma buying a laptop for her grandchildren.

badz1492009d ago

but still selling games on discs! smh

we need a meme for this quick!

WengYong2009d ago

To say that digital is better isn't necessarily true. A physical photo album is something you cherish in a way that digital photos on a hardrive can't provide. Look at resale value of FF7 on the PS1, genuine ownership is something digital can never provide. Digital maybe the future, but why did MS just make the XB1 completely online? Cause it doesnt work

Divine2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

like i've been saying before,i like digital when it comes to certain things but when it comes gaming. i like to see my collection of games building up . like right now I would never download the last of us on to my system. But see this is where sony is the future. because they give us the "option" also when it comes to entertainment, like netflix, watching blu-ray movies, listening to music, ps3 and ps4 can do all of that the only difference is that xbox has voice commands and kinect which is gimmicky to me

SilentNegotiator2008d ago

If Digital is better, then why isn't Xbox One all digital?

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dedicatedtogamers2009d ago

Well, at least I know Microsoft is going to keep their policies. I really hope the Xbox One dies, and attitudes like this within Microsoft will ensure that happens.

darthv722009d ago

you can kill the platform but you cant kill the idea. Its always been looming and if MS fails at making this an adopted practice then another company will try. Maybe a more respected company at that.

the digital age is inevitable.

blackbeld2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


True you can not kill the idea but you can stop it spreading.

Look at communism the idea you can not kill.
But you can stop it spreading and slowly no longer interesting to be there in this world.

We are gamers and we should fight this DRM sh!tting practices. If we all buy the Xbone then we giving them exactly what they want.

Freedom! Only on Playstation.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2009d ago


of course the digital age is approaching. I'd have no problem with it happening now but not like this. I, and I assume other gamers have certain expectations.

The savings publishers make from the lack of manufacturing and shipping costs (which can be quite high) should be passed on to us, making the product cheaper. The console these games are played on should still play these games without checking in, or being constantly connected.
If Micro or Sony had pushed digital only in this manner, I think most people would be cool with it.

maniacmayhem2008d ago

It already happened with music. It's happening with movies and soon (probably sooner than movies) it will happen with games.

I would be more incline to except digital IF the games sold digitally were actually cheaper than the retail. But looking at the prices for the new games they are still 60 bux! That to me is a huge rip off, what happened to the cut manufacturing cost?

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whoyouwit042009d ago

If you read the article on how ten people can share one game on Xbox One, you would agree that digital is better; hell it's a lot better.

FITgamer2009d ago

Better? Convenient would be a better choice. Downfall you're paying full price to rent a game. When X1 servers get shut down, the games and system are completely useless. You'll essentially have a bunch of "blank" discs and shiny box you can't sell or trade in.

rainslacker2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

If I could sell that game after sharing it with 10 people without having to jump through hoops...then it would be better.

It's kinda hard to take arguments such as yours seriously when you tout one advantage of DD while you ignore all the downsides of it. DD is not ownership, and there is no way to spin that fact into a positive.

MS is doing a good thing with this. I think it's a nice feature, and even said so when they put it on their webpage. At the same time I said it's about the only good feature to come from all this besides being able to play your game from anywhere. All the current and forthcoming negative aspects are not wiped away because of one or two positives though.

I do have to admit though. I am getting a kick out of the renewed energy among xbox fan boys now that they have a single positive thing to brag about. Anything negative that's said, this feature is now invariably brought up to dismiss any and all negative "features" of the xbox one.

Thomper2008d ago

I like this feature. Many of my "friends" live hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles away. How am I supposed to share a physical copy of a game with them? Now I'll be able to.

I also really like that XB1 has an HDMI in....lots of possibilities there!!

TheEvilWithin2008d ago

ITS TEN FAMILY MEMBERS NOT JUST RENDOM PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. God! Sick of Xbox fan boys throwing that out there like it means something. I'm the ONLY one in my house who games the rest of my family could give a crap about gaming. I'm sure its like this in most house holds.

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BattleTorn2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Check out this article:

Read the "It's a "family" affair" box. (I'll post it below)
"It’s a “family” affair

Since its announcement, there has been some confusion over the details of sharing your Xbox One game library with up to ten "family members." Mehdi couldn't give comprehensive details, but he did clarify some things.

For one, a family member doesn't have to be a "blood relative," he said, eliminating the extremely unlikely possibility that the Xbox One would include a built-in blood testing kit. For another, they don't have to live in the primary owner's house—I could name a friend that lives 3,000 miles away as one of my "family members" Mehdi said.

You'll be able to link other Xbox Live accounts as having shared access to your library when you first set up a system and will also be able to add them later on (though specific details of how you manage these relationships is still not being discussed). The only limitation, it seems, is that only one person can be playing the shared copy of a single game at any given time. All in all, this does sound like a pretty convenient feature that's more workable than simply passing discs around amongst friends who are actually in your area."
IOW, any 10 friends can play any of your games, from anywhere, as long as you're not currently playing them. Isn't that better that physically sharing a disc!!?

You can "loan" a game to a friend across the country - and then come home and play that same game yourself!

I'd love to hear the disagree-ers explain how physically sharing a disc could be superior to digitally sharing a game. With digital sharing, a friend in New York can play 3-6pm EST, then your neighbor (in say California) could play from 3-6 PST, and then you also cn from 6-10 PST once you're home - simply not possible with physical sharing.

whoyouwit042009d ago

"You can "loan" a game to a friend across the country - and then come home and play that same game yourself!"

Yes it is it's only a negative if you are a sony fan boy there is no way you can honestly say that a physical copy is better then this. Assuming microsoft don't screw it up. this will make a always on console well worth it.

DragonKnight2009d ago

Quite simple. With a disc, if your internet connection goes down, the disc still works. You can't say that about the X1's situation at all.

from the beach2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Yeah, and like, what if you're like, working in a nuclear submarine? Or living in a tree, man? Or on vacation to Jupiter?

BattleTorn2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Is that seriously your rebuttal?

"What if I'm on a vacation to Jupiter?"

Microsoft knows that we primarily play mulitplayer.

And being able to share a multliplayer game with 10 people, far distances apart, all in the same day makes the connection worth while.

Not to mention, the connection may be able to be done via a smartphone using SmartGlass with an e-mail amount of data. (for singleplayer offline, of course)

vector4152009d ago

This is more about the fact that sometimes you just don't have an internet connection and want to play some games. What is so tough to understand about that? Not everyone has a 24 hour internet connection at all times.

DragonKnight2009d ago

@BattleTorn: Your rebuttal is subjective.

"Microsoft knows that we primarily play mulitplayer."

Define "we." And just because people like to play multiplayer is in no way an indication that it is right to force digital and remove ownership.

"And being able to share a multliplayer game with 10 people, far distances apart, all in the same day makes the connection worth while."

Not for people who live in nations that don't have the infrastructure, or soldiers. It's actually a disadvantage for them.

"Not to mention, the connection may be able to be done via a smartphone using SmartGlass with an e-mail amount of data. (for singleplayer offline, of course)"

Who cares? These are gaming consoles, not phones. The relevancy of using a phone for your gaming console is non-existent.

pompombrum2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

If that actually means I can buy a game, then let one of my North American friends play it when I go to bed, that is pretty cool. Very cool in fact.. however it's the fact these come at a fairly steep cost.

Microsoft only have themselves to blame tbh, if they offered this without requiring internet connection checks, DRM (the word alone conjures up terrible memories for gamers) and forcing kinect onto us, many people would be far more supportive. Maybe after this whole ordeal, they'll drop their arrogant "we don't comment on rumours stance" because it's seriously cost them a lot of face with gamers.

MysticStrummer2009d ago

That they even have to clarify this issue is ridiculous. The fact is they made loaning and selling games more convoluted than it needs to be. They are essentially punishing consumers because they don't like GameStop making so much money on used games.

"kind of as we expected"

No company spends years and millions developing a product, and then expects this kind of response.

bviperz2009d ago

Here's my rebuttal:

This sharing stuff, is going to bite them in the ass when it comes to game sales. Why? Why would I buy a games if we can just share libraries? Imagine, only one game needs to be bought, then everyone can play it, no need to buy more copies. So instead of 10 folks buying the same game, only one needs to. That's the downside to this digital sharing. Sure, you can long distance share, but they'll see their bottom line won't be what it used to, especially for single-player games. Then Microsoft will change their policy real quick.

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StoutBEER2009d ago

What about Steam? Same thing but no one freaks. Whats the difference?

darx2009d ago

I can't play someone elses library.

DEEBO2009d ago

he has no choice but to say this.psp go was cool but it was ahead of it's time and died a horrible death but that's a portable gaming machine.but we will see.they like digital so much way use a bluray disc?

s8anicslayer2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Sure Microsoft tell me what to eat for dinner.

s8anicslayer2009d ago

More like boloney is what their feeding us.

nypifisel2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )


These people though doesn't seem to acknowledge what the problem is. Digital is great! But you know what? Sony's PS4 digital policy is no less expansive than the X1s, STILL THEY DON'T UTILIZE DRM HMMM HAO IS DAT POSSIBL? D:

You can be digital and still give the consumer options without taking away any rights.

JeffGUNZ2008d ago

I honestly think we all know digital download is the way of the future. The thing I disagree with is MS pushing it right now. I could see them doing this years down the road in the heart of next gen, slowly getting away from discs and moving more towards digital download. I feel like that would be a more gradual and eased transition then coming out the gates with a required internet connection and DRM checks. For me personally, I will be getting both consoles, I have great internet, so it won't effect me too much, but I know there are a lot of people out there who don't have internet and this will effect them.

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GamersHeaven2009d ago

Why didn't they just go all digital lol

Blackdeath_6632009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

i was going to say that too you don't need an always on connection or drm AND people can't sell trade or share digital copies problem instantly solved. i'm expecting sony to shift the focus towards digital with psplus now that it's needed for some multiplayer games that way in the future they wouldn't have an issue with used game sales and they wouldn't cause inconvenience to the consumer all the while avoiding the inevitable shitstorm of raging fans by implementing drm

GamersHeaven2009d ago

Exactly would of been smarter thing for microsoft to do now gamers are pissed about the whole DRM situation also you have to install all your games on the HDD anyways.

Jazz41082009d ago

You can still sell your games at gamestop on the xboxone and ps4 as I clarified it with gamestop. Ps4 and ms have the exact same policy on used games. First partys are free to trade but third partys are up to them. Here is an official ms link thag explains it for anyone whos been reading the lies being told to bad mouth the one.....let me get the link.

Jazz41082009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Microsoft also spelled out its policies on game lending, trade-ins and rentals. "In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers. Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends." Ms is just being more upfront about it and should be given credit as the same thing goes with third party ps4 games.

Viper72009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Just thinking about all digital console sends shivers down my spine. That would give it's consumers, exactly one channel to buy their games from.

One game, one price no exceptions. Everything goes trough the platform holder and they get the final say on what gets sold and at what price and with restrictions.

what if, game is not available in your region?
What if your region get's censored, dubbed or just somehow shittier version of the game?
What if games in your region cost the double of what they cost in let's say US?
What if game you want get's removed from the store, for no apparent reason?
Answer: tough luck.

What people need to realize is that PC is different from consoles. It's an open platform where anyone can but up a digital store to sell games. Steam has no monopoly on pc, which is why they can't just start abusing their position.

rainslacker2009d ago

In another interview, one of their executives admitted that the retail disc is still vital to the success of the console. That alone should have been a good indicator that digital licensing isn't better, and that the consumer isn't ready for it.

komp2009d ago

LOL even though CNN ratings are going down the pan they think they can use this XBOX one doom as a way of gaining hits..


vector4152009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Edited: I originally thought you meant they are posting on n4g, haha, sorry I misunderstood. I'm no fan of CNN

komp2009d ago


I did not mean to make it sound like getting a link from n4g was looking for hits... I meant it in the way of them just running the story in general, riding on the back of xbox doom news.

nothing against you posting it etc.....

vector4152009d ago

Oh I'm sorry I misunderstood...

Hicken2009d ago

Believe it or not, new consoles are big news, even outside of the gaming industry.

And this one? Well, it'd already made headlines by being criticized by governments in Germany and Australia. Since then, even more info has come out about the console; why shouldn't a news outlet cover the console, and what its company has to say about it?

Oh, did we forget about how MS was involved in the recent NSA spying debacle?

Yeah, I think it's a perfectly valid article.

Majin-vegeta2009d ago

And you guys leaving the gaming industry would be even better.

Although i would miss making fun of them and their retarded decisions :/

Shadow Flare2009d ago

Microsoft in some ways have been a blessing to gamers. For once a year, every year, gamers of all consoles can gather together, put their differences aside, and laugh at Microsoft.

GamersHeaven2009d ago

Lol never thought of it that way :D

kenshiro1002008d ago

Lol, that is so true Shadow Flare.

Snookies122009d ago

Perfect, if that's the way they think, I don't want any part of it. Which is great since I pre-ordered the PS4. :]

Sorry, I don't want only digital.

Garbanjo0012009d ago

That's my main argument, I don't trust SkyNet, cause my name is John Connor.